What is POV COIN - Application for the future of Adult Industry.

POVCOIN is the best place to invest your money. Why must I tell it thee? because I want to tell you about this is that POVCOIN is the best place to invest.

Povcoin is the application development in the found adult of content . Povcoin is a crptocurrency project by the traffic of the internet using, with the high capacity with the goal is to develop the market in order to reach of target is desired by POVCOIN Project, with the help of a high-tech as important factor for supporters.

There are 4 types that can be monetized through POVCoin, you can Create great content and publish in the POVCoin platform to ride or getting clients who like your content is, of course, this section is for people who like to create content that either.

By Based on the Platform of Development POVCOIN in the future for the participant is income provide to each every participants in to get money order at the time they contribute and joined together with POVCOIN project.

Povcoin is very concerned with the users for comfort. Why so? ? Because For each user will get contentment by the way To improve the effect of full submersion and will get a new of sensation while the content adult see, and now you will be a user was back watching, and only by using “gadget smart” you would immediately have access to the internet services this POVCOIN.


Not only to make adult content but also exist for communicating with investors to join with the sale of Tokens and don't miss if you love this platform, comes with VR to make all content that can be viewed by the Viewer The content. A different experience when they are watching your content, VR exists to help clients gain more experience and also comes with the POVCoin adult toys to help clients get the feeling of fun when they are watching your content.

Powered by BLOCKCHAIN to ensure that all types of transactions within these platforms become safer, faster, and is transparent when you are earning. A nice present team behind this project is to ensure that the project can be successful in the future, so please do not scare off with Your Generator.

So this review I've made. If you invest, be sure that you understand their project, make sure that you analyze the Whitepaper, Tim, road maps, etc. To ensure that you invest in the best place.

Povcoin is the right solution finish any your problems to seek and get adult of content. Because with supported by a virtual network cryptocurrency anonymous interactive will be easier to accessed and gadget adult entertainment .

FEATURE OF Pov Coin Project


In PovCoin Project ,you can find a range of options content ( including VR ). With the available content , you are free to choose ( including VR ) will increase your experience in watching adult of content.

-The Use

Use POVCOIN in every your transaction in part in to the development of the market modern where all the participants and also you will benefit and can enjoy features sophisticated have been provided by Pov Project with more enjoy and exciting.

-AlaaS API

Download applications to your phone is now a version of available to Android will soon became a version of to Apple.


  • Token : PPOVR
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Type : ERC20
  • Price in ICO : 0.0200 USD
  • Investment info :
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Distributed in ICO : 30%
  • Hard cap : 10000000 USD

Important Information:

Development of interactive virtual easily accessible anonymous cryptocurrency network and gadgets for adult entertainment.

While doing creative work and implementing their ideas via innovative IT technologies, each participant gets an opportunity to earn money.

Using the growing VR market with the purpose to integrate it in POV and adult content by developing responsive adult toys. Sales promotion and preventing distribution of pirated content through engaging all the participants of the service, stealing does not make any sense, if one can earn by that.


Bitcointalk username: differup
Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2535178
Telegram: @Monkey2moon
Eth Address: 0x3685ff77f8e4deEc9abe29ceA15E33209863d4CD


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