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In the world, everything is constantly evolving and does not stand still. In addition, these changes could not affect the world of finance and the Internet. Thus, we are facing a new type of currency exchange - cryptocurrency. This exchange appeared a long time ago, but recently it has gained immense popularity among people. But despite such a strong informational support, the world of cryptocurrency is subject to great distrust among many users who are trying to master the world of cryptoinvestment. An innovative PeruCoin project comes to the rescue.

Perucoin is a project initiated by Bits2u, the purpose of which is to expand the knowledge of cryptocurrency in Peru, in which the goals are achieved:

Features of the company

PeruCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency platform, which was created to provide knowledge of the cryptocurrency to the Peruvian population, through excursions to the plant, where mining equipment will be installed. Achieve the dissemination of knowledge about cryptocurrency will be possible with the help of excursions to the plant, where they will also talk about the security of blockchein technology. Ideally, this project will stimulate the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru.

PeruCoin targets

The main goal of the project specialists is to explain and introduce the Peruvian innovative ways to pay for their own cryptocurrency into the daily life. When the construction of mountain farms will be completed, experts will begin to conduct excursions. Take advantage of excursions can not only Peruvians, but also foreigners.

The Perucoin team has vision and goals for the future, such as:

promoting knowledge of cryptocurrency,
conveying information to the Peruvian population through excursions to the plant, where they can evaluate the technical capabilities and operation of mining machines in action,
as well as holding conferences.

Ideally, this platform provides an opportunity to stimulate the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru, based on the interaction between public education and the blockchain technology interaction, as well as asset management.

Perucoin ICO:

The roadmap is our routing, in which (with real testing of purchases and acquisitions) the platform will show progress that shows the creation of a mining farm and the subsequent launch of trainings for the general public.

ICO details

  • Official site:
  • Token Name: PERU.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Standard: ERC20.
  • Number of Tokens: 2,000,000 PERU.
  • Price 1 PERU = $ 7.
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD.
  • Hard cap: 13,300.000 USD.

If Soft cap is assembled then the development will be as follows :

Acquisition of the plant, which will further ensure the conversion of the mining farm. Construction will be completed within 60 days after collecting the required amount of funds. Supply of electricity to the farm. For the purchase of mining equipment will be spent 2 million 601 thousand dollars. The remaining money will be spent to ensure listing on exchanges.

If the Hard cap is assembled, the distribution will be done as follows :

purchase of large area for the plant;
the provision of electricity and the conclusion of contracts with energy services;
purchase of mining equipment in the amount of 2000 pieces;
purchase of alarms to provide additional protection to the farm.
The remaining funds will be spent on additional costs.
Now you know exactly how the funds that will be received as a result of investments will be distributed.

Token distribution

77% of tokens are allocated for sale.
Tokens are exchanged by 13%.
Team specialists will receive 8% of tokens.
Marketing expenses will be 2% of tokens.

At the moment, the number of members of the project is not much - only 4 people. Soon in the plans to increase the number of employees and find mentors for this project.

The company PeruCoin plans to acquire the plant, as well as to purchase mining equipment and the necessary related equipment. In the fourth quarter of 2018, it is planned to ensure complete safety of the mining farm. And by the first quarter of 2019, the project plans to conduct the first round of a mining farm.

This project is fundamentally unique, and I think that it will be a success in the market, as well as show itself exclusively from the best side. I will definitely support this project and will closely monitor the implementation of the “road map”. Now is the time to invest in this project.

After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official PeruCoin sources:

Twitter: https: // twitter .com / Peru_Coin


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