PCHAIN applies smart contracts to set unique fingerprints for all transactions


Pcore can also allow businesses and investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for any third party. Through the Pcore project, this can also eliminate the need for third parties to help Pcore keep costs of sales and invoice purchases low and high speed. There is no need to wait longer, instant income to grow business and instant profits. And for all invoices uploaded by the invoice seller it is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain which eliminates errors and misuse. Businesses taken from the Pcore cover will guarantee the funds promised at that date due to investors.

Pcore Ltd. market offers that can significantly increase the liquidity of business customers. Through the blockchain network developed by the project team, we are offered a market where customer accounts can be sold safely. This platform allows businesses to connect, download and issue trading accounts, increase company liquidity, provide a good investment platform for companies looking for safe financing projects.

The pchain blockchain technology implements smart contracts to set “unique fingerprints” for each transaction. This allows companies to automate the billing process and use factoring services on the platform. Each account has a unique record, which is displayed transparently to all participants. Thus, because of transparency, credit worthiness can be built through the blockchain platform.

Pcore is an end-to-end platform that will give SMEs easy access to short-term financing, turning their accounts into tradable assets. With 24-hour turnover, interest rates allow lenders to profit, while sellers receive vital liquidity for their daily operations.
The Pcore platform supports issuers, owners and payers. Therefore, invoices can be available as a common source of liquidity for factoring. By loading the income date, the lender will be able to choose the length of factoring and the interest rate involved in the smart contract. Tokens will connect sides from all over the world, ignoring the limits in this process.

  1. Financial Limits & Factoring

SMEs have limited access to short-term financing (working capital). Banks demand significant guarantees and large amounts of documentation when approving financing projects, especially after the last recession in 2009. This represents a large funding gap for small and medium-sized companies worldwide, driving the growth of the global factoring industry by 10% each year. Current estimates indicate that the factoring invoice market has a value of US $ 3 trillion in 2018, making it a large enough market to be investigated.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2009, factoring in the United States and around the world has grown between rates of 11% and 24% per year, adding more than one trillion euros in annual factoring volumes in less than a decade. This industry practically doubled its size, even though the modern era of factoring began only a century ago.

SMEs are clearly in a disadvantage when dealing with the capital market in terms of credit rationing and financial inequality, due to lack of financial strength. The gap in financing has driven the need for alternative financing sources, such as factoring.

  1. Invoice Verification

There are several steps needed when verifying the authenticity of the invoice sent. This includes confirmation that the invoice service was actually sent as claimed, operating inspection that has a direct relationship with the invoice service, and an investigation of the materials used to meet the specified requirements where the invoice is built.

With the implementation of an ERP system, Pcore intends to automate all processes involved in the analysis of validity, making checkpoints that the user must take when verifying the authenticity of potential partners. The history of invoices sent by the company to the public allows automatic assessment of validity and further related risks.

In modern business, automatic checks are almost impossible without constant physical inspection. In addition, notes can be falsified, further limiting investors to uncover foul play when that happens. Because there is no real incentive for companies to disclose their direct finances to the public, there is a high probability of incorrect financial results.

  1. Non-Transparent and Old Financial Statements

Problems with financial statements that are not transparent may be as old as the business itself. There are several reasons why companies want to hide their true results, especially when invoices are questioned. Business plans and financial statements, in general, must show the financial health of the company now and in the past. However, by removing key data or even manipulating their presentation, the company in question seems to be in a good position, while the actual situation is very different.

Although the government actually enforces basic financial presentation guidelines through IFRS and GAAP policies, many companies continue to find ways to bypass them. The IFRS model represents a step forward when it comes to bribery investigations and illegal activities. However, it cannot explain all the possible places where non-transparent reporting is questioned, especially when SMEs are involved. Factoring needs invoicing has increased in recent years, with businesses emerging in the SME sector. However, the problem still concerns trust and accurate reporting.

As a format for presenting financial data on a platform, we chose XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). This framework represents open international standards for digital business reporting. This is used throughout the world, with companies from more than 50 countries implementing it in their operations. Millions of XBRL documents are created every year, replacing older, paper-based reports with useful, effective and more accurate digital reports.

In other words, XBRL provides a language where the term reporting can be clearly defined. In turn, the term can then be used to uniquely represent financial report content or other types of compliance, performance, and business reports. XBRL is often called “bar code for reporting”, because it makes reporting more accurate and efficient. With unique tags, XBRL enables Pcore to develop its platform according to sophisticated market requirements, providing:

usable reporting documents that can be registered, sorted, and analyzed automatically by Pcore
the general belief that all reports in the platform follow up are sophisticated, predefined definitions

Pcore ICO details

Token PCC Token
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.3900 USD

Pre-sales of more than 100 ethereum 10%
Pre-sales of more than 1000 ethereum 20%
Pre-sales of more than 2000 ethereum 30%
Pre-sales of more than 8000 ethereum 40%

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 38%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 5,000,000 USD

To enable the exchange of business report summaries, XBRL applies transaction tags on the platform. This transnational representation allows the exchange of independent systems and analysis of large amounts of supporting data. Thus, as a key to the transformation of financial reporting, the Pcore platform uses two core calculations to support investors in evaluating investment opportunities.

At present we are in the Crowdsale which only accepts Etherium (ETH) as all forms of payment. You cannot use an existing Exchanger but you can only use the Etherium address from ERC20. The sales results in the form of Ethereum will be reused to develop the project and build a blockchain-based invoice discounting platform system using PCC tokens as an exchange unit.


Sezgin Aydin: Founder / CEO / Director

Akin Aydin: Co-founder / Marketing Manager

Vang YangPao: Co-founder / Development Manager

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