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This is a platform that has already gotten a license from government of Timor Lesto to run a blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. The Invech Platform has been running a business relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency which includes running an ICO program, mining a digital currency, being a consultant to various blockchain based project and so on. They have been tipped as the first of its type that could handle such diversity in such a related field.

As one of the companies in developing countries, Invech has a vision to improve people’s lives through the application of blockchain and technology to create a stable, competitive and capable digital economy in the future. Of course this vision will not happen if there is no strong team in the company. Therefore, Invech has a team that is very experienced in this field and very active in the team and consistent.
In order to expanciate their functions, the platform has created a marketplace for trading of cryptocurrencies. This exchange was created to make cryptocurrency traders have a good experience while trading their digital assets.

There are many cryptocurrency exchange in this space but majority of them don’t have license and they can vanish away any day; but this exchange created has a license from the government and it is more reliable.

In a nutshell, Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange spearheaded by Invech Group which has licensed and endorsed by the government of Timor Leste. The Invech cryptocurrency exchange is the type of exchange that pair with fiats currency, Bitcoin, ethereum, and their native token termed IV token.

The Invech cryptocurrency exchange has taken security has a top priority to secure and safeguard the user’s funds. This feature makes me like the exchange because many exchange has been attacked by cyber criminals and it has led many into bankruptcy. The Invech cryptocurrency exchange gives permission to users to control their assets and there will be no manipulation unlike the one we might have experience in other exchange.

Invech is a project that focuses on the crypto trade economy and produces crypto exchange market products that can be used by East Timorese and global communities. This project was born based on a variety of current exchange problems such as increased regulation that makes it difficult for new users and even old users to trade crypto, high fees for withdrawal of funds, many obstacles during withdrawal, and poor customer service. Invech group has a mission to eliminate the problem.

The users of Invech cryptocurrency exchange are to enjoy dividends while using the platform native token for transactions. This is to make the users pay a few fees for both trading fees, withdrawal fees and other transaction fees.

This token (IV) can be used in other platform of Invech group. So it is not limited to be used in the exchange but can be utilized for other purposes within the Invech ecosystem.

The IV token was built on ethereum chain and it support fast transaction rate.

As I said earlier, the product of Invech group is Market or Exchange of cryptocurrency.

This exchange product provides very interesting and good features. Among others are:

  • Supports many wallets and crypto currencies.
  • Support buying crypto currencies instantly.
  • All funds will be operated automatically by a system that is tight, safe and protected.
  • Exchange will support many languages ​​in customer service. But for the exchange page, the team will update and add many languages ​​regularly.
  • Supports withdrawals to various fiat money such as USD, IDR, HKD, and many more.


The use of tokens as a facilitator in exchange is a very appropriate choice. This IV Token will be a beneficial utility for Tokens holders and Invech market users.

The token holder will get many transaction discounts of up to 60%. In addition, the exchange will provide an IEO which later users will get special prices if they buy new tokens using IV tokens. Regarding sales, Invech also sold initial tokens with 175,000,000 IV tokens to be sold in several stages. Each phase has 30 days at different prices. For more details, please read in the whitepaper.


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