There is a vast number of escort organizations, brothels, erotic establishments located across the globe, there are some of them who have tapped into the blockchain technology by accepting digital assets as a mode of payment after satisfying their clients. Not to mention erotic satisfaction that involves live video chatting, pornographic materials, sex accessories, sex chats, and any others.


Presently, the sex market is worth more than $186 billion and it is the biggest black-market service in the universe, it is well-known that one out of every ten men pays prostitutes for sexual and erotic pleasures. Market capitalization for sexual pleasure is on the rise even if there is no legal constitution or authorized bodies to oversee this sector. There are over 40 million sex workers estimated around the globe whose jobs are to deliver maximum sexual satisfaction to their clients.

What is Gingr:

Gingr is a software service developed for kennels and child care centers. This software allows you to carry out your daily operations starting from providing high quality dog care services to keep your clients satisfied. This is a well-thought out flexible feature system that can make your life easier at your dog care center.

This is a system dedicated to dog care. However, this is not a general animal management tool because it focuses in detail on all problems related to dog care. Professional dog care experts and owners have found it very helpful, and therefore continue to use this product.

Gingr was first introduced in 2013 and in a four-year period he was accepted throughout the United States. If you have a child care center, this software can be a great choice for reliable management tools.

Though fascinating, the sex market also suffers some complexities, there are cases of prostitutes betting arrested unjustly, human trafficking, little girls forced into prostitution as early as 8 years old, no system to track invents to avoid rape cases, drug abuse, mishandling of the prostitutes and many other issues that arise on a day to day basis in the lives of these hustlers.

With Gingr, your customers can make and return their reservations online. You no longer need people who are dedicated to managing all your appointments. There is also an automatic email and SMS service where your customers can promise their promises. If your clients are looking for additional services, they can also offer.

To ensure that nothing and promises are missed, you can send emails and receive automatic SMS to your clients. Also, accept pre-payment in advance to bind your client to be announced on time.

The Point of Sale module in this software has several interesting features that you can accept payments in all forms. There are credit card services that are supported by catches of signatures so you do not have an existing business opportunity. If you have a coupon system, you can integrate it with software too. After your client makes a transaction, an automatic receipt is sent via email.

To manage operations in your workplace, there is also an employee management module. Maintenance of employee time and permit-based licensing management systems and workflows that are more economical for your business. Weekly work reports and statistics are also sent to dog owners to get the best quality service assistance.


Gingr pop n go: Pop n go allows interested individuals to use their properties into a temporary sex house.

Gingr care: This is a service support unit for all sex workers, they will be attended to by professionals in case they need help.

Gingr connect: Escort organizations, brothels, erotic establishments, and any sex workers can sign up at the recruitment center. It connects everyone

Gingr bank: This will help solve the lingering cash problem for sex workers.


GGC is the native token that will drive the gingr platform, ggc is the acronym of gingr and it was created on the ethereum blockchain technology which makes it erc-20 compliant. Services rendered on gingr will all be executed with the use of this native token. A total supply cap of 1 billion was created, the team has decided to protect and preserve the value of the token hence no other will ever be minted, created or mined.

GGC can be used to pay for all services including erotic dates and sexual pleasures booked on gingr, the team will initiate a buyback and burn program every 3rd quarter of the year with 20% profits derived on the platform. They target universal attention by the year 2024 with a $186 Billion market capitalization. With the gingr coin, the current issue of human trafficking, refusal of payments after customers have been sexually satisfied by prostitutes will be a thing of the past.


  • Marketing
  • Customer Account Management
  • Email and SMS text report cards
  • Vaccination Reminder
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Notification System
  • Daily Checklist
  • Lodging
  • Appointments and Facilities
  • Treatment Report
  • Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Coupon System
  • Additional Service Scheduling
  • Online Customer Registration
  • Electronic Signature
  • Upload Unlimited Files
  • Tag-lock bar code


The gingr application was created for users of Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Linus with great features that are all easy to navigate. With its user-friendly interface users can safely store their digital assets on the gingr side chain, also they can send, receive, trade, and view their balances on the go. There is an added functionality on the application that allows exchanging of gcc tokens for other erc-20 (ethereum) mainnet tokens.

gingr chose to use a side chain because it has numerous benefits and they are keen on providing the best for their customers, some of these benefits includes; reduced service charges, transparent charges, expanded notary, quickened network speed when executing transactions thus reduce transaction time frame on the main-net and most importantly is that it provides a modernized security with protected CPU efficiency with proof of authority.







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