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Hello, dear friends. I am glad to welcome you on the pages of my blog, today I want to bring to your attention the ICO review of the Gemstra project.

The project attracted me with its idea, as the team aims to solve the problems of the ever-growing social sales market by introducing the blockchain technology into this area.
The global social trading market, which accounts for more than $ 180 billion, is increasing every year by 10%.

Leaders such as Avon and Oriflame provide the opportunity to build teams in social networks and earn money by offering products to their friends and acquaintances.
More than 120 million people around the world receive income from the sale through social networks. The market itself has grown over the past 10 years to more than trillion dollars, but despite the staggering growth, many sellers are held captive by monopolists, since they, in turn, limit their cooperation with other companies.


GEMSTRA is proud to announce that we are currently in advanced negotiations localized in Weihai, China and partnered with the Weihai government to bring GEMSTRA’s Boutiques to the robust Chinese market.

GEMSTRA CEO, Jay Cheng states, “by bringing our technology to Weihai we can take advantage of their trade zones enabling cross-border trading with Korea and other large business centers. The ability for Brands and Influencers to conduct business cross-border provides limitless growth opportunities to Brands in both the East and the West. The Weihai government, in addition to select Chinese enterprise real estate investors will make significant capital and resource investments to localize GEMSTRA in China.”

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About the idea of ​​the Gemstra project

Gemstra is a market platform integrated with blockchain intended for social commerce, which unites brands and sellers for social sales.

Gemstra plans to develop and release open source software for the boutique platform and create a toolkit for retailers who can easily expand their business with social sales channels.

The mission of Gemstra is to make social sales accessible and amazing for everyone.

“Boutiques” is the world's first platform for social sales.

The project launched back in 2017 drew attention to itself among thousands of people, presenting a platform for retail sales of brands that submitted their product catalogs.
Giving to those same merchants free to sell products through a custom store of those brands that they want. The project has 3,000 sellers, 8 brands and reached 7-digit calculated indicators within 10 months from the launch.

This success has shown that retail brands want to participate in social trading, and sellers want freedom.

• Now sellers will be able to customize their boutique with various brands and personalize their activities with custom content.

• Brands, in turn, gain sales growth and brand awareness through social trading by simply uploading their product catalog.

The boutiques led the project to present a solution that frees the broader economic industry from its current captivity.

Details ICO Gemstra

The Token Gemstra (GMS) will use the default of 250 million social merchants, and thereby maintain freedom, get more benefits and strengthen its position in the industry.

Gemstra Token Details

Ticker: GMS
1 GMS: 0.00385 USD
Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
Tokens for sale: 6,400,000,000 GMS
Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 18,000,000
PRE-ICO: 2018-10-01 - 2018-10-31
ICO time: 2018-11-01 - 2018-11-30

Gemstra Team

The Gemstra team has extensive experience in the consumer industry and are professionals in their field.
The founders of the company have already established a long history in the wholesale and retail trade, also paying special attention to retail, E-commerce and social sales.


In general, the Gemstra project seemed to me very interesting and promising, it has its own history, a strong team and highly qualified advisers. Gemstra partners include Western Technology, New Alchemy, Mucker Capital, FisherBroyles, CETA Network.
According to the rating site, Gemstra earned a high rating of 4.7 out of 5, which says that the project has great potential. If you also liked the project, you can study the information in more detail by going to the official website and familiarize yourself with the white paper of the project.

Official website:


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