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Cures Token was created from the desire to decentralize the health care system, empowering patients, health application developers, health care providers and equipment providers. Their vision for managing these changes is to provide all interested parties with the opportunity to use innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, which will lead to more opportunities: breaking the boundaries, creating a transparent and reliable review system that allows you to make more balanced and informed decisions.

CURES Token has been forged out of a desire to decentralize the health care system, empowering the patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers.
Our vision of managing this change is to empower all stakeholders through the use of innovative technology such as blockchain and smart contracts, resulting in more options and choices: transcending borders, nurturing a transparent and trusted review system, allowing better and more informed decisions.

Blockchain technology is one of the most important and disruptive technologies in the world. Multiple industries are adopting the blockchain technology to innovate the way they function. One of the industries that are looking to adopt the blockchain is the healthcare industry.

To date, blockchain in health care has mostly been used for audit trails and payments for value-based care. However, it has the potential to be used for much broader applications, especially given the rapid emergence of the internet of medical things (IoMT). Blockchain may soon allow smartwatches and smartphones to load clinical information directly to the clinical record.

The healthcare industry is plagued by inefficiencies, errors, bureaucracy, and high administrative costs.

Cures Ecosystem


HAPP Store

This provides applications to enhance eyesight, vision, quality of life of their patients while software developers with quality healthcare applications can get them listed within the Happ store. Happ store will be a one-stop shop for all things healthcare, the application is user-friendly and very easy to navigate.

Electronic Health Records

This gives patient’s accessibility to their medical records without any hiccups, patients can also control and sell their data at their discretion. The current issue of missing records and delay in getting their statistics will all be a thing of the past.

Health Assurance

The advanced future agreements permits for both precise agreements and generic agreements. Medical Service Providers (MSP) are advised to provide these agreements for a reduction, in return for payment, in turn, generating supplementary worth, permitting both patient and MSP the chance to buy and sell these agreements in order to maximize their scare resources.

Marketplace and Trust Review Platform

The marketplace and trust review platform will ensure that patients no longer have to bother themselves with the issue of who or where to get healthcare checkups, they can browse for medical professionals from there comfort of their homes.

Trading Platform

The CURES trading platform will eradicate exorbitant charges and fraudulent behaviors of intermediaries by providing a state of the art sales channels for patients, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and vendors to get medical supplies they need from Medical Equipment Suppliers directly.

Charitable Trust Fund

Distinct permissible unit, backed with 5% of the total token supply and intended donations by token users. To be used as an investment mechanism for benevolent developments envisioned at cultivating world healthcare in depressed districts, project collection in a transparent way against a set of clearly distinct standards.

Why choose CURES?

For Patient

Hedging against inflation
Should the CUREStoken rise in value, they could trade the contracts later for higher price.
Assurance element: by purchasing a contract now you are assuring future access to medical services at a discounted price.
Contracts must be transferable to encourage trading, or there can be different forms and sorts of contracts or vouchers between the actors in the CUREStoken ecosystem.
Relatives can be provided now, for future medical care.
Patients that travel abroad, by purchasing future contracts can guarantee quality care.
Expats abroad are better able to guarantee care from other countries.

For Clinics

  • Can assist with cash flow.
  • A way of raising funds interest free.
  • Guaranteeing future work.

Attracting new patients through offering preferential rates to the CUREStoken community.
Should the CUREStoken rise in value, the clinic has the option to outsource the contract.
As the clinics (MSP) can cooperate amongst themselves, this promotes the max imisation of scarce resources, as an example if a clinic buys an innovative laser that halves the costs of the operation; it would be expedient for such clinics to undertake the work capitalising on this innovation.

Additional added value that can be derived from additional services needed to execute the contract, i.e. an ex-ray or a scan that is not included and needs to be paid by the patient on the spot.

Through word of mouth and positive reviews, potential to increase clients.

CURES is the official and native token of the platform and it will be used for all forms of transactions and activities carried out on the CUREStoken ecosystem.

CRS is the acronym of CURES TOKEN, CRS is a utility token that is erc-20 compliant. It will be used as the standard mode of payment for services rendered. It will act as a fuel in which the platform will ride on. It will ensure transactions are safe and secure, the team has set protocols in place to ensure the value of the token. No other token will ever be created, minted or mined.

Token Details

  • SOFT CAP: 2000 ETH
  • HARD CAP: 175,000 ETH




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