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The Agro Exchange project aims to create new opportunities in the world of relationships, agroindustry and food products through modern technologies such as blockchain.

The aim of the AGRO Platform is to create a favourable B2B environment for all participants in the agro-industrial complex. The guarantor of all transactions within AgroExchange will be an internal token with the help of which not only buys goods, but also to purchase services to the agro-industrial sector. Furthermore, the platform allows farmers to save much more, as the platform does not include intermediaries and other third parties who were previously linked to farmers and consumers.

The problem of the financial situation of agriculture, expressed in small financial revenues arising from the sale of products, the lack of working capital for seasonal financing of production, high accounts payable.

An important problem of the agro-industrial complex is the underdevelopment of agricultural markets, the lack of regulatory systems. This hinders the normal development of linkages between producers and consumers, namely the marketing of agricultural products at affordable prices. After the global food crisis of 2007-2008, investors were forced to increase investments in the agricultural sector worldwide.

AGROCOIN is a cryptocurrency that will be a tool and a payment guarantee among users. It shows that it will be a tool for the market Of the agricultural industry, thanks to which users of the platform Agro-Exchange will be able to perform their activities of buying and selling of goods in the agricultural sector. Token AGROCOIN supports smart contractual technologies and has been designed to build trust and reputation based on the Ethereum platform.

The advantages of this system are its availability and ease of use, as well as a number of advantages that only affect Agro Exchange.

The project will have two working versions: web and mobile applications-AgroDex. ACRODEX Cloud is a decentralised storage system. Users have the right to store information and access distribution computing power for daily use.
The use of the Token is so widespread that not only want to purchase products or services, but also want to acquire ownership of the platform. This service can offer privileges and other pleasant moments.
Thanks to blockchain technology and domestic agricultural trade, many farmers can sell their own goods, which , of course , will have a positive impact on the overall development of the agricultural sector.
Security within the platform shall provide a system of smart contracts covering all transactions.


The whole principle of Agro Exchange functionality was designed specifically for users, so the web interface is intuitive and simple with the accelerated passage of the KYC system. The entire structure, designed to offer users maximum benefits providing them with an incredible number of operational and high-performance tools.
Agro Exchange is a new place where everyone has the opportunity to interact with each other on a safe and transparent level. It is also very important to note that Agro Exchange does not depend on geographical location, so farmers in their country can easily find their customers in other countries. Similarly, the system works sustainably if the consumer wants to find the necessary agricultural products outside their country.

Token development is based on the standard Ethereum blockchain (ERC 20).
AGROCOIN main task is to ensure all network workflows and provide a reliable source of value for all project participants. It is easy to purchase a currency on the exchange platforms, cryptocurrency available, where you can buy it immediately at an affordable price.

Token: AGRO
Total token Supply: 600,000,000
Type: Utility
Platform used: Ethereum
Price : 1 AGRO = 0.20 USD
To buy you can use BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Minimum investment from 100 USD
Soft cap: 5,760,000 USD
Hard cap: 72,000,000 USD
Country: Estonia
White list / KYC: need KYC
Ban have of the country USA and China

The superiority of choosing IEO over ICO is that all users, whether intuitive players or retailers, will be treated as equal. There will be no discounts on tokens for any of them. Probably set a good standard for Agrokoyn. More than that,

BitAgro plans to use AgroExchange from many exchanges - its company's exchange platform for distributing Agrocoin directly to its own users.

We are pleased to invite all users to participate in this initial exchange offer to take advantage of one of the world's largest markets for Agri.


AgroExchange Conclusion:
According to researchers, our world today will actively change in the next 10 years, at the same time adapting all outdated structures to the modern one. That is, connect them to a decentralized network and enter into their cryptocurrency. This process is inevitable, especially because it introduces new qualitative relations between the markets and its segments, and also increases the level of confidence6 in the reliability and safety of all processes.

Token: AGRO

Type: Utility

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH

Minimum investment: 100 USD

Soft cap: 5,760,000 USD

Hard cap: 72,000,000 USD

Country: Estonia

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: USA, China












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Total token Supply: 600,000,000

ICO Sale: 360,000,000

Hard cap: $720,00,000 (72 million)

Soft cap: $57,60,000 (5.76 million)

Price : 1 AGRO = 0.20 USD

Token Symbol: AGRO

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