BeLL Platform [DEX] Distribute100% Profit to Token Holders

Today we will talk to you about BeLL Wallet. When creating a BeLL Wallet account , you need a Twitter, Telegram and Facebook account.
All of these accounts must be sent directly to verify your identity when applying BeLL Wallet insurance.

When creating a BeLL Walletaccount, image verification is required, the same image must be uploaded every time you apply for BeLL Wallet insurance.

BeLL wallet is an insured wallet. If you cannot access your wallet in situations such as forgetting or losing your password, insurance will cover this situation and all your assets will be returned to you. BeLL wallet avoid the risk of losing all your funds and ensure that your property will be protected safely in the wallet.

In Bell Wallet has the possibility of joint ownership of one account. In this setting, to display your assets, you must receive a confirmation from all approved users that you have set. If a company manages crypto currency assets, one person’s decision can allow the transfer of assets to a digital wallet and exchange accounts, which carry various risks. Wallet owners can customize their wallet Bell Wallet with certain conditions.

For example, when something unexpected happens to the wallet owner, some approved users, such as family members, relatives or colleagues, can access the wallet on behalf of the main owner. We know that nothing lasts forever and many people think what will happen to their cryptocurrency assets if something happens to the owner.

BeLL Wallet no doubt provides a way out of such situations, safeguarding the security of your assets.


BeLL Wallet creates the ultimate form of ‘wallet’ that helps manage assets in a 100% safe way. The mission of BeLL Wallet is ‘the most comfortable and safe wallet in the world.’ Under the vision below:

  1. Wallet with Insurance Features.
  2. Use of Bell Tokens.
  3. Ownership with a wallet.
  4. Decentralization of Exchange (DEX).
  5. Asset Transfer Protocol.
  6. Issuance of Original Tokens

The main features of BeLL Wallet

Features that distinguish BeLL wallets from contemporaries including;
– Insurance: BeLL wallet is a decentralized wallet that is insured against loss of assets in a scenario where you cannot access your wallet for any reason.
– Shared Ownership : The BeLL wallet offers users an option to have joint ownership of an account. The consequence of this is that funds cannot be withdrawn unless all approved users are verified.
– Seamless Asset Transition: The owner of the wallet is possible to make his wallet with certain conditions that allow loved ones or colleagues to access the wallet on behalf of the owner if an unexpected event occurs. This prevents total loss of funds in this scenario.
BeLL Tokenomics
Platform BeLL operates a tokenized ecosystem. The official token has the ticker “BeL” L. The total supply of BeLL tokens is 100,000,000 and 30% of which will be sold during the ICO while 20% has been allocated for air drop and gift programs.


BeLL wallet is a decentralized wallet that is insured against assets in a scenario where you cannot access your wallet for any reason.

Mandatory Requirements about Insurance:

Twitter, Telegram and Facebook accounts are needed when creating a BeLL Wallet account. Direct messages from all accounts must be sent to verify your identity when agreeing to the BeLL Wallet License.
Verification image is required. Upload an image when you create a BeLL Wallet account. The same image must be uploaded each time you apply to receive BeLL Wallet insurance.
Insurance fee

Apart from contemporary wallet features, Bell includes:

Insurance: Bell Wallet is a place where you can get access to your wallet, lose property for scenes covered for any reason.

Collaborator: The Bell Wallet offers users a shared ownership option for the account. The result is that until all users cannot be verified, money cannot be withdrawn.

Assassins Seamless Handover: The wallet owner is able to issue permission on behalf of the owner to his relatives or colleagues in an electronic wallet, in an emergency, make your wallet under certain conditions. This can prevent total loss of money in this case.

Bell Tokenmix

Run Bell Bell Token on the platform ecosystem The official sign of the stock is “beauty”. L. Bell million total supply and 30% tokens at ICO, 20% allocated plan and prizes given for sale.
Detail Token BeLL

Road Map


The Bell Target platform that is worth the wait has been well summarized. By introducing a revolutionary concept, I think it all depends on the team to ensure the success of the project.
You can visit the following link to find out the latest information about the Bell project:

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