AQER utilizes AR and Blockchain solutions to empower vloggers and marketing

What is AQER ?

AQER presented the first blockchain and artificial intelligence market in which video-bloggers (Vloggers) and brands met wisely to unite, allowing brands to create unusually new advertising campaigns, and promote popularity and influence through organic advertising.


AQER is the first blockchain market where content seekers and content producers exchange services and rights in a convenient and transparent form.

• Brands can effectively filter and filter vlogera to find partners suitable for their purposes.

• When using a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, vloggers are ranked transparently and fairly based on different KPIs.

• There is no middleman between content creators and its users , so brands pay less and vloggers produce more.

• Vloggers can be contacted directly or take part in contests. At the initiative of the brand, to produce commercials.

• Blockchain provides the highest level of transparency and makes it possible to automatically apply the agreed rights to entertainment.

AQER is a smart marketplace designed for the needs of bloggers, bloggers and marketing people. The project creates a secure environment for creative people where they can implement ideas without the risk of theft or information disclosure. The platform is designed to strengthen collaboration between creators and content seekers where they will be able to create ventures, launch new projects, purchase content, trade rights and exchange values. It is the first blockchain-powered platform that provides the necessary tools for an entirely secure and transparent content trading.

The vision of the project lies in the empowerment of vloggers, marketing specialists and all creative people with the possibility of creating, sharing and trading rights. A specially-designed payment system is developed to ensure that content creators get rewarded in a transparent and clear way. All transactions are verified on the blockchain, which eliminates the possibility of fraud and cybercrime. Additionally, integration of innovative AR technologies enables users to create quality and unique content. SERC technology allows community members to manage their rights and enforcement efficiently and quickly.

AQER token is issued to support operations in the system. Token holders will have access to the platform with innovative tools and new opportunities. Coins can be used to manage three primary functions: rights allocation, management of assets and enforcement, organic advertising and promotion.

From the user's point of view, the AQER platform basically consists of 2 parts: a ranking mechanism supported by artificial intelligence methods that processes KPI dampers and forms a ranking of market vloggers where both parties can perform operations in a safe, transparent and simple way and within the brand can contests involving vloggers. Income from AQER is associated only with commissions (without entrance fees), while the initial transaction costs are only 2% in order to gain momentum quickly and increase the market share (transaction costs will increase to 4% from 2021).


AQER wants to transfer content creation (vlogger) and entertainment to another level, providing its users

(a) smart contracts: it turned out that smart contracts have characteristics that cannot be obtained in any other agreement mode, since they are based on digital and blockchain. Smart contract operations cannot be changed, time-efficient, smart contracts can be executed independently. AQER combines the smart sign of having experts as team members.

(B) Wallets: Blockchain enthusiasts are genuinely looking for secure wallets. With the AQER wallet, users are assured of the security of their tokens thanks to smooth payments and a withdrawal interface.

(c) Artificial intelligence algorithms: the integration of artificial intelligence with the fact that the blockchain-technology system is a guarantee of speed and automation.
it is also a blockchain-based market with tokens that will be used for transactions. Related to media management. Being a smart platform for creating contracts and entertainment content based on the blockchain, it benefits competitors because the blockchain technology guarantees transparency, fairness, eternity, scalability and finance / security.


AQER means artificial intelligence quotes for entertainment rights. The unique AQER ecosystem is a technical structure that provides financial freedom for users and easy accessibility for those seeking content. The AQER token will have a higher demand, and this will be immediately after a positive price, which will lead to a financial increase in AQER users.

The diagram below shows the intentional design of the AQER ecosystem, which will provide easy access to various useful functions for users.

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