FILES.FM - secure file sharing and storage between devices and people. ICO Review.

Files.FM is an information technology company that has been creating easy-to-use yet powerful and innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007.

Files.FM is an international active company and its clients are based in different regions of the world. It uses the US and European information centers, as well as border servers for the delivery of materials and content, and provides support worldwide in English.

Files.FM Platform has attracted more than 750,000 registered users and relatively more than 2 million exclusive monthly guests.

Today in the world there are many services on processing and storage of files and documents, but all of them have a number of shortcomings. These services have the main problems is a small amount of file storage, protection and security of files to be at a low level. Very low file transfer speed. Library is legal on a free platform that allows you to solve all these drawbacks and to provide an opportunity for interested people to have the option for safe storage and to access the desired content.

The main ppose of Files.fmfplatform is prevevent for illegal file sharing, high reliability for saving files and enhance for users convenient file sharing.

Users Of Library will also be able to search and sort files, use and sell files and consider copyright claims.

You can use and search for files from any browser by keywords or other search parameters. Search by query categories will be available. If the content is free , the user will be able to use it immediately. But paid content can be used only after payment.

With the help of artificial intelligence, all files uploaded to the platform in P2P format will be checked for viruses, copyright and legality of use. In case of detection of viruses or copyright infringement penalties will be applied. In case of repeated violation of the rules of file placement, the user can be blocked for further cooperation.

After downloading the file is sorted which is attended by users and artificial intelligence. When you enter metadata, the owner sets a category for the file. If you enter the wrong category, a penalty will be imposed, but if you enter the correct metadata , the owner of the file will receive tokens for this platform FFM.

Copyright will also be determined by artificial intelligence. If a copyrighted file is found, it will be blocked until a decision is made by the owner of the file, who will be able to assign a price for access to the file or make a request for deletion. When you purchase this file, the owner also receives a reward.

On the Files.FM platform will be able to store and use a variety of files such as articles, music, e-books, movies, videos, software and much more.

The same platform will have the opportunity of earning tokens FFM within the network.
When downloading a special application of the platform, the participant gives access to the power of his personal computer and this gives an increase in bandwidth and file storage. On the platform, users will be able to use the cloud storage of files. The storage size will depend on the number of FFM tokens in the account at the rate of 100 FFM = 1 GB.

Users participation in the Files. Library service will be rewarded with FFM service tokens, which can then be exchanged for additional benefits. Tokens will be quoted on cryptocurrency exchanges! This allows them to conduct independent transactions.

Tokens FFM:
ICO stands for Initial Coin giving.
FFM tokens ar supported Ethereum blockchain and engineered in step with ERC20 normal. Library Token
Total Token offer : 10 000 000 000
Limited offer : affirmative
Price per Token : $ 0.01
Symbol : FFM
Type : ERC20
First Year Crowdsale:
Private sale : $ 1 000 000
Presale : $ 1 000 000
Public sale : $ 10 000 000

For this reason Files.FM will trust the community's content and edits. It will give the authors tokens, which can then be exchanged for copyright information, such as TV shows, movies, music, books, etc. This is done in order to create a thriving system in which buyers will tag, transmit and share so that later you can watch movies or read books for free.

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