FILES.FM LIBRARY - P2P AND BLOCKCHAIN BASED FILE CATALOG. REVIEW ICO. Library is a blockchain-based hybrid data library created and maintained by community and powered by direct micropayments, token incentives, shared traffic, and storage. FILES.FM is here with the best solutions by providing a library which is a peer2peer file-catalog coupled with a crypto-market space furnished with smart search tool and crypto payments. P2P technology is needed to ensure system growth, speed and cost-effectiveness to implement massive file sharing for a large and fast-growing number of users while achieving these targets.
• Fast download speed
• Unlimited traffic
• Able to support thousands of simultaneous users and traffic spikes
• Reduce service maintenance fees
• Independent file exchange

This is a library that is created to function in a decentralized-way so as to achieve the utmost goal of the platform to unite the crypto-world with the people by offering them a decentralized-service that is semi in operations so that all entities and individuals can make use of the platform for daily purpose. Library (FFL) is a legal and free to use digital file library that provides the service for society where people can conveniently search, access and share useful content online with copyrights done right.

In other rеlаtеd platform members оf the community are not rewarded but here community members are enabled to receive remuneration for doing useful work to save digital inheritance for the sake of current and future internet users. Library will eliminate the illegal issues in file sharing through implementation of advanced technology and cooperating with content creators. Additionally, FFL will ensure compliance with laws regarding content creators and owner by establishing libraries in EU, USA, and many more regions. Storing both copyright-free files available forever and copyrighted files that users will be able to buy.
With the issues that has exist on legality of items, books and the likes, will create a solution by Implementing a protocol at which illegal content control will be visible. With this, this platform will stand out has the best of all it kind among many existing setups we have in the world today. Library will provide a sophisticated and more efficient contents that can be use for good. It also provides clear and a more suitable way of convenient legal control of content.
The project is crafted on two different decentralized policy: Peer2peer file-sharing network in a browser and Peer2peer payments-system on crypto. It helps to Free Space on personal-Computer of which we can all testify. It allows watching-of-Movies for Free without being questioned about law issues.

The most important function of all is that Library will be a free to use hybrid-decentralized P2P data platform, built and maintained through the collective efforts of the and community, based on shared traffic, storage, direct micropayments and token incentives. FFL will create a modern and digital file library based on blockchain technology, which will be ideal for storing, accessing, and tagging files for users all around the world. This will enable the platform preserve the digital files for future use.

The usefulness of this project cannot be outlook, therefore, it is important that we all have our documents safe. Why don't we then make use of this setup to achieve that. Investment is also open for those who truly believe in this project.


. Development started, launch of free Files.fmfile sharing service, storage, and embedding features.

. 2013: Introduced BitTorrent support and P2P file download
. 2014: Implementation of paid Pro and Business accounts
. 2015: Increased share capital to $1.2M, pivoting several use cases
. 2016: Launched digital file selling functionality and private encrypted backups
. 2017: Introduced P2P file download in WebTorrent implementation. Server infrastructure update.

. 2018: Work on the Library project, tokens, and ICO crowdsale funding campaign
. 2018.Q4: pushing a new version of web design
. 2018.Q4: Crowdsale ERC20 token deployment, Public sale
. 2018.Q4: private storage usage with tokens

. Storage consumption model(versus fiat subscription model)
. Library prototype development
. Content gathering
. Closed beta access version to token owners
. web P2P functionality stabilization
. Closed Alfa release-MVP of the Library
. Privateblockchain
. Listing token on the crypto exchanges
. Desktop nodes

2020 –2023
. Reward mechanism advancements based on empirical results
. Feature support and bug fixes
. advanced functionality -machine learning, content recognition, monitoring
. search engine R&D
. blockchain advancements
. Community support
. Marketing

User participation in maintaining the library will be rewarded with FFM utility tokens that can later be exchanged for additional benefits. Library Token

Total Token Supply 10 000 000 000
Limited Supply Yes
Price per Token $ 0.01
Symbol FFM
Token protocol: ERC20
First Year Crowdsale:
Private sale $ 1 000 000
Presale $ 1 000 000
Public sale $ 10 000 000
Accepted currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, Bank Wire Transfers

Use of Proceeds

Token Allocation

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