Library (FFL) - file exchanger with P2P trading platform. Review of ICO.

The creation of the internet offers mankind many new opportunities, including the exchange of information and documents. In this way, one can gain new knowledge, see beautiful images, enjoy music, watch videos and much more. At virtual time, people have an incredible file on the PC, a large part of which can be very useful to others in one dimension. However, there is currently no single platform where everyone can download such data so that others can find and use them. The introduction of Blockchain technology in the universe, the growth and development of the quality of coins and cryptography of this century further increases the importance of storing documents and personal information, why they need to learn to become a real coin.

File.FM is currently developing an FFL in order to give everyone the ability to transfer useful data so that everyone can be found and accessed, while the customer has a profitable share of the FFM-sheets experience for you. File.FM is a free online store for using archives collected in the community to collaborate and save the framework. File.FM will combine the online standards library with decentralized hybrid technology. Use p2p networks from Internet browsers to reduce the cost of limited online libraries.

One of the key advantages of Library (FFL) :

  • Library (FFL) provides internet users with simple and legal access to the content, which is free and for consideration.
  • Library (FFL) rewards authors for their work/articles / blogs etc.
  • Library (FFL) allows members of the community to be rewarded for useful work on preserving digital heritage for current and future internet users.
  • Library (FFL) is also used for branded archives, IE 100GB continuous professional files=memory can be used for boards, documents, purchase files, subscription content or PRO functionality, and traded on exchanges.
  • Library (FFL) will store data for future generations, prevent illegal exchange of files, create a cost-effective and searchable platform for sharing files, all with our cornerstone access, ensuring ease of use, community and content.

For development, FFL uses a special database for current Cloud, which was founded in 2008 and continues to improve. In existing systems, FFL centrally stores files, distribution, distribution, publishing, and attribution. In addition, FFL has a beta version that can share P2P files and streaming videos. FFL extends the existing system Files.FM to create FFL, extension, exchange, P2P, advanced search, add content, and search the blockchain.

File.FM Library FFM token-ICO details
The FFM token is an ERC20 token created using the Ethereum smart contract, which will have the function of increasing the storage size, paying rewards and more.

Token: FFM
Token-Protocol: ERC777/ERC20
Total Tokens: 10 Billion
Token supply during ICO: 2 billion
The cost of the token: $ 0.01
ICO Date: November 26 2018 – February 25 2019
Accepted currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, Bank transfer
Soft Cap: $3 000 000
Hard Cap: $20 000 000


The idea to create a service for file sharing, ensure the respect of copyright and allow free distribution and the sale of the format P2P file-sharing can be interesting for a wide audience. The Platform Files.FM offers high speed, safety, and security of the file, which is very important for most users. In turn, the growth of the public will result in an increase of the costs of the platform symbol. The most important function of all is that the Files.FM will be free to use a data platform for hybrid decentralized P2P, created and supported by a joint effort Files.FM and community based on traffic, storage, micropayment, stimuli direct and symbolic.

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