As the popularity and mainstream acceptance of blockchain and crypto currencies increase, traditional investors have been looking for more exposure to these digital assets and blockchain-based technologies. However, there are certain challenges when it comes to integrating the digital currency world and the world of traditional finances.

Providing a seamless exchange between crypto and conventional assets is the underlying philosophy behind ZANTEPAY Initial Coin Offering (ICO).Investors, who use digital currencies, currently have to interact with several counter parties to successfully manage their risks and portfolio.
These counter parties being traditional banks, payment networks and financial services companies.The majority of them don’t understand the nature of digital currencies, which can cause frustration, account freezes, losses and not to mention the various inefficiencies that come with moving between the different asset classes.

With the emergence of blockchain, a growing number of users and businesses are beginning to struggle leveraging the existing infrastructure in order to manage the transfer of funds between physical and virtual platforms.

EY’s FinTech Adoption Index highlights that “consumers are drawn to FinTech services because propositions are simpler, more convenient, more transparent and more readily personalized.” The adoption of FinTech as providers of money transfer and payment services rose from 18% in 2015 to 50% in 2017, with 65% of consumers anticipating they would use such services at some point in future.

ZANTEPAY would provide the ability to spend, save, and transact digital currencies. ZANTEPAY wallet would allow users to effortless trade between BTC, ETH, LTC, ZNX (more crypto currencies will be added to the wallet later on) and fiat currencies, specifically USD and EUR.

ZANTEPAY wallet is complemented by a prepaid card, which would let users quickly access funds stored in crypto currencies.
ZANTEPAY OÜ has been included in 2017 in Estonia and is designed to turn out to be one of the quickest growing digital foreign trade agency corporations international. It dreams to provide a big type of alternatives for the virtual faraway locations money international - constructing a complete digital belongings multi foreign exchange pockets with debit card and charge services.

We are except a doubt elevating cash to finance the improvement of multi wallet, accumulate suitablelicenses in Europe and provide critical advertising and advertising bucks to entice customers for the ZANTEPAY merchandise and eco device. And can be launched in Q3 2018.

The card is probably to be had in Q4 2018. ZANTEPAY Pre-ICO starts offevolved on fifteenth of March 2018, decided with the beneficial aid of the usage of using ICO throughout fifteenth of July 2018. ZNX tokens may also be traded on public exchanges brief after ICO is finalized.

"The ZNX Token may be capable of be traded on the general public exchange right away after ICO ZNX is designing (token platform ERC20) after it is an extended way designed to appear as a new mainstream coin.".

It may be suitable someplace Mastercard ® is. It will permit customers to get rewarded referral, accomplice and cashback bonus, in addition to pay the fees, associated with card protection and exchange. Free conversion from BTC, ETH, LTC to ZNX and 50% lessen fee on all of the services within the ZANTEPAY atmosphere.We motive to grow to be the biggest crypto a long way away locations cash pockets inside the global.

Our advertising and advertising method is to supply anybody on board, presenting FREE pre paid card. Other perks for the customers encompass bounty, referral, partner and cashback reward. ZANTEPAY is aiming to collect 1mio customers through the surrender of 2019.

According to EY’s FinTech Adoption Index, the adoption of FinTech as organizations of coins transfer and price services rose from 18% in 2015 to 50% in 2017, with sixty 5% of clients gazing for they might use such alternatives in a few unspecified time in the destiny in destiny.

ZANTEPAY OÜ is covered in Estonia, named ‘the maximum superior virtual society inside the worldwide’ with the aid of way of Wired. We use partnerships with one hundred percent Estonian businesses, from the e-residency platform, pre-paid playing cards issuing monetary crew to the cyber safety and shopping for and promoting set of coverage guidelines carriers.

What Is ZANTEPAY Pockets
The ZANTEPAY pockets software software will assist you to shop for, sell, send, get keep of and exchange your ZANTECOINs inner the best and most secure way feasible. Its beauty and its ease of use. Your modern ZANTEPAY card transactions or your exchange statistics.

You will really have the possibility to manage Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zantecoin ideal a ways from your ZANTEPAY wallet and assign your wallets in your ZANTEPAY card in line with the chosen opportunities.

Buy BTC and altcoins with SEPA charge or with debit/credit card.

Allows making purchases with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Zantecoin everywhere in the global. Connected at once on your ZANTEPAY wallet.

Provides computerized great achievable looking for and advertising cost from accomplice exchanges. 1percentexchange rate. No hidden expenses.20% cashback in ZANTECOIN.

More than 1 million people use the ZANTEPAY debit card by 2020
The beginning of ZANTECOIN's pre-sale on March 15
Token distribution The beginning of the pre-order debit card.

During the ICO, only 600,000,000 tokens will be distributed to users. March 15, 2018 at 19:00 Tallinn time ZANTEPAY will launch its preliminary ICO for the distribution of 30,000,000 ZNX. The price of the token in the leak There will be 2,000,000,000 ZNX total.

There will not be any other ZNX tokens created after the ICO, the amount will be limited.Bonus ICOEveryone has the right to a referral commission, paid weekly; this will consist of 20% of net income from transactions. Payment can be paid in ETH.

Only ZANTEPAY users can participate in ZANTEPAY ICO. Users who do not have a ZANTEPAY account must register on before they can go to the ZANTEPAY account, where the link to participate in the ICO will be distributed.

Purchase of ZNX tokensEach ZNX token will be sold at a fixed price in the ETH. ZNX signs will be available for purchase on the ICO participant's personal account. Tokens will be delivered to the indicated user wallet shortly after the completion of the ICO.


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