Product Protocol

Product Protocol is a opensource protocol for crowdfunding/crowdlending campaigns based on digital assets issuing, integration with all business processes, funds management and financial operations.

Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows an entrepreneur to tokenize their assets and raise funds for scaling

Companies on Product Protocol can scale further than ever before. A universal token for the tokenization of any assets allows you to instantly create a digital asset and a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to purchase it.

The Product Protocol can also develop effectively without any limitations. A universal token created on a platform that serves to give any asset token, allows you to make any asset quickly and easily. Thus, a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to get it. In short, the Product Protocol is a fast, unique and intelligent tokenisation machine.

These revolutionary ideas have gained interest in the cryptocurrency section of the internet because of their simplicity and logic. Dozens of startups determined to implement this concept have received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. The whole world will soon be given tokens: cars, homes, and even your neighbor's cats. However, all this looks great only on paper.

Basically, tokenization is a way to create digital money tokens that are added to something from the current reality. It tends to be anything, from gold and land to maintaining money administration and monetary instruments. There is no doubt that the blockchain can provide more prominent candor in relationships between individuals and if something becomes a token, at that time all the financial relationships associated with this item will end up more difficult and more reliable.

Blockchain and cryptographic forms of money are quite new advances, which are opening up new markets. With its own form of digital money and the enthusiasm of the standard for those who are growing fast lately, this innovation is offered to many new companies, increasing assets through ICO or through increasingly common business choices. Most businesses are identified with the tokenization.


Curated Token Registration is a decentralized curated list with intrinsic economic incentives for token holders to curate the list.


Allows users to register their identity, send and request credential data, sign transactions, and securely manage keys and personal data

Smart Escrow

The service network is decentralized, and provides legal and legal compliance based on current regulatory standards


Providing liquidity to digital assets at


Research projects and analysis systems for decisions about the next tokenization


Free market where users can trade virtual assets


30% – marketing and first tokenised products

35% – development and PP coin fund

10% – legal, salary, lawyers

10% – technology support

15% – team


65 000 000 PPO – ICO

15 000 000 PPO – team and associates
15 000 000 PPO – platform support
5 000 000 PPO – marketing and advisors



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