How to make Bitcoins without money with CryptoGava. Step-by-step guide

Hello friends! You have reached this article if you are interested in the question of how to make Bitcoins on a stock exchange. The general rate of cryptocurrency is falling or growing - this isn’t crucial for us. Cryptocurrencies themselves are an excellent speculative tool, and therefore are of interest to a huge number of investors and traders.
Well, if you already have assets in the form of several thousand dollars or a couple of Bitcoins, then everything is much easier. However, as a rule, we have no free money, which we could invest or put into circulation in order to make a profit.

So how does one start trading on the stock and earn if there is no starting capital?

And today I will tell you about the platform, where you can get Bitcoins without investments and any risks. Yes, you probably know about such thing as cranes. But, to be honest, it is almost impossible to earn Bitcoins on cranes in acceptable quantities, and with CryptoGava your income is limited only by your trading skills, which you will improve on the platform. In general, this is indeed a terrific startup!

On CryptoGava, I make money on trading
with no deposit!

How СryptoGava works and how to earn on here

So, how does CryptoGava work and how can Bitcoins be obtained on this website? The platform is an emulation of a crypto exchange with its mechanics. All users can place orders/signals that are identical to orders on the classic cryptocurrency stock: they are executed, cease at stop-loss, get eliminated. All quotes are taken from a real stock exchange (at the time of writing the guide BitMex is presented on CryptoGava) and to a trader everything looks absolutely identical to trading on a regular stock exchange. Just a little simplified. However, with all this going on real trading does not occur. Traders do not trade for making money, but for profitability indicators. Based on these indicators, the trader has the opportunity to get into the TOP-10 rating. And for being among the best, trader receives a reward from the platform, which is constantly increasing.

In a nutshell:

    • Trade on a free account
    • Show profitability, excell rivals and get into the TOP-10
    • Get rewarded for as long as you are in the TOP-10

Isn't it easy? Amazingly simple!

So, I think, you have already understood that you came across such an easy solution for a situation where you simply do not have enough investment or a starting deposit for trading on the stock exchange - the CryptoGava platform.

How much can you earn at CryptoGava?

The calculation of payments for participants in the TOP-10 rating is constantly improving, but at the time of writing this, for example, 1st place received 0.5 Bitcoin per week. Being the first for two weeks straight means getting 1 Bitcoin.

On CryptoGava, you can receive up to $285 or 0.5 Bitcoins per week absolutely from scratch

Okay, now that we’re done with the theoretical part, let’s go to the practical side

Step-by-step guide to making money on CryptoGava

Step 1: Create a free account
There is paid subscription on the website, however, it’s not necessary for the start. A free account is enough for us

We register on the link Enter a working email, as we will confirm it

Step 2: Share our profile page
We make the most of sharing our profile page everywhere, spread it on social networks and tell our friends and acquaintances about the platform. The amount of payments for being in the TOP-10 depends on the number of users of the platform (we'll talk about it later)

Access to control is through the menu on the right

In addition, on Gava works the referral system! It is available immediately after registration and not using it is just foolish - this is a great opportunity for a passive income.

Step 3: Trade for free
To get to the top we need to trade. For starters, 1 conditional XBT is available. Fine! We publish a warrant. This gets done using the green button at the very top of the screen.

To create a warrant, of course, it is necessary to have an initial understanding of what trading is on the stock exchange. We need to fill in all of the fields that we see: stock exchange, currency, order type, leverage size, entry price, stop loss and exit price (target). Check all values and publish the order.

Attention: we can cancel the order in your account if it hasn’t been executed yet!

Step 4: Try to get into the TOP-list
That's it! All orders are created the same way. Then we wait for the execution and trading of an open order and create new ones at the same time (or we act according to our strategy)

Our goal is to show high profitability and get to the TOP

Step 5: Receive payments in your account
Every week the payment and accrual to the TOPs takes place. After that, we either withdraw actual BTC to our wallet or buy a subscription on Gava and scroll through other strategies - we’ll talk about it another time)

Let's sum it up

CryptoGava is indeed a very cool and powerful service where ordinary people can not just learn trading or play, but also can make money and withdraw Bitcoins for free!

Yes, so far Gava hasn’t gone mainstream and hasn’t gained many traders - participating in the rating is quite easy now. Later it will become more difficult, because the competition will increase. It should be noted that the rating is calculated weekly. Meaning that you constantly need to trade. But, for what it’s worth, if you are looking for options to roll into the world of crypto-trading - CryptoGava is an excellent website for earning Bitcoins and pumping up trading skills for beginners.

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