uRunIt Market Valuation and Benefits to the Whole Gambling Ecosystem

uRunIt Market Valuation and Benefits to the Whole Gambling Ecosystem.

Following our first discussion on what uRunIt is all about, the current challenges faced by online and offline gambling platform and the solution the uRunIt platform proposes to solve which you can find here.

In this episode of our review, we will delve into discussing the Market overview and benefits the platform Offers to the whole gambling ecosystem.

Blockchain technology has experienced a lot of interest from mainstream and governments of late. The technology has been described as one of the greatest innovation in human history. It has in many ways brought forward an innovative and transformative way to affect different sectors positively.

The gambling industry is one of the ways blockchain could have tremendous positive impacts if well implemented. The gambling industry is one of the biggest and oldest industry in human history.

A market estimated to be around $51.96 billion dollars in 2018 with a future valuation of about $58.79billion by 2020, and it is expected to increase to almost double at about $81.7billion dollars by 2022. As big as this may seams it still has a very active and ever-growing community of users worldwide. source

The uRunIt Platform leverage blockchain technology to create a fully decentralized gambling platform that is 100% managed, hosted and owned by the community. The platform automatically chooses the host of every game from the list of players available at a given time.

What The Players Is Able to Do?

  • Host All The Games.
  • Control The House.
  • Receive Most Of The Profit.
  • Managed Absolutely By The Players.

A further insight into the uRunIt platform shows it provides far more benefit to both the users and to the whole gambling industry as a whole. some of the benefits of the uRunIt platform built on the blockchain platforms include:

  • Absolute transparency in the gambling pool.
  • No more playing against a casino but rather players play against each other.
  • The gambling platform is 100% managed by the community.
  • After the uRunIt platform has successfully chosen the host of a game, the player can choose to sell the right to host a game at a casino.
  • A total of 70% of the earned token are distributed in jackpot draws.
  • Players are ranked based on their level of activeness and the number of times they have actually played a game.
  • The gambling platform is absolutely managed by the community.
  • since the platform is 100% managed by the community it would provide an ever lasting adventure and leave the players with an unforgetable experience.
  • The uRunIt platform provides all in one solution for the gambling industry which paves way for new and novel technological shift in the gambling community.

Token Distribution and Use Of Fund

Token Sale Schedule

In Conclusion, the uRunIt platform is an innovative way to get involved in the gambling space, it provides many benefits as opposed to the traditional gambling platform. Players would experience a new and novel way of gambling. And certainly, welcome the uRunIt platform which is the next generation of gambling platform.

Visit the uRunIt official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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