The Evolution Of Health Care System And How Atlantico Network Tends To Change The Status Quo

Over the years, the medical profession has experienced a shift from the traditional herbs to this time of advanced technological equipment, where health care agencies use technological tools to find a solution to many human health issues.

The Traditional Evolution

Herb treatment has played a key role in providing a solution for many health problems. The administration of these solutions has some benefits. However, its subject to many human and scientifical questions of thought. One of the biggest risks is the chances of buying fake herbs since there is no method to checkmate the composition of herbal medicine and validate its safety for human consumption.

Apparently, the herbal medicine take more time to be prepared and too many rituals have to be involved, this is very inadequate for the population of human that might be affected by specific diseases and need a cure for their illness.

Herbal medicine is most times not ideal for many medical conditions. Modern medicines are far more suitable for serious trauma, broken bones and/or heart attacks. It lacks dosage instructions, susceptible to poison risk associated with wild herbs and lacking medication interaction.

The Internet Evolution

The impact of technology on health is immense. The healthcare centers are filled with sophisticated technological equipment, which enables medical professionals to carry out a series of medical research based on available data and be able to find a cure for them in the shortest possible time. The internet revolution has brought forth tremendous benefit for the whole medical ecosystem. The benefits which may include:

  • Improving the quality of life
  • The Digitization of Health Records
  • Enhanced Patient Care
  • Developing new drugs and treatments
  • Ease of Workflow
  • Improved Public Health
  • Predicting epidemics
  • Avoiding preventable deaths
  • Reducing healthcare wastage
  • Improving efficiency and quality of care

 The Blockchain Evolution

As time travel technology enthusiast continues to look for ways to improve already existing technology for humans need and to benefit the whole human race.

Over time available technology was not sufficient to satisfy the health need of man. The medical professionals are looking for a way to reduce the cost of medications and health stability and reward patients for their involvement and providing data for further health research. These have given birth to the new take on medical services.

The Atlantico Network is a state of the art innovation that is creating an international decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The project proposes to provide a high quality of service, provide alternative health services for patients, drastically reduce counterfeit products in the market, reduce the price to get medical and pharmaceutical products and services, and curb the falsifying insurance cases in the medical fields.

The Atlantico Network is here to change the status quo and provide a mechanism that rewards parties that use the platform. It rewards patients on the platform with bonuses and also rewards the medical professionals too for their effort.

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