IronX Exchange The World-Class Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Developed For Mainstream Adoption

 The cryptocurrency market  has continuously attracted mainstream attention, and gradually more and  more people are getting interested. The cryptocurrency exchange is the  first point of interaction for new cryptocurrency users. Over the years  there have been a lot of copy and paste cryptocurrency exchanges, which  has led to an unfriendly experience by the new crypto enthusiast. These  are one of the many challenges encountered by a newbie in the  cryptocurrency space.  

Introducing IronX

The IronX is building a world-class leading cryptocurrency exchange  developed for mainstream adoption. The IronX team is developing a robust  system to deliver a world-class cryptocurrency exchange. The IronX is a  subsidiary arm of the IronFX Group, which is an award-winning leading  global online forex trading platform. 

Features Of IronX Platform

The IronX exchange is creating a platform to become the best in  crypto, best in trading, and the leader in world-class cryptocurrency  exchange. The vision is to take cryptocurrency mainstream, creating a  system that is seamless and very user-friendly. 

It combines the best features in traditional trading and the crypto world.

The IronX is an arm in the IronFX Group, and the IronFX has been  existing since 2010 and has been offering one of the best services in  forex trading with over 1.2million users on their platform. The EmurgoHK  which is the world leader in blockchain technology and are the magician  behind the development of the Cardano blockchain protocol.

 The IronX team leverages their experience in forex world to  offer a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange combines the  best features in the traditional trading world and the best in crypto  EmurgoHK. With a vivid experience of the IronFX and with a clear purpose  to become the world-class cryptocurrency exchange in the space. Their  successful past with the IronFX forex trading platform, and with a  proven track record clears the path of success for them in the  cryptocurrency space. 


A Highly Regulated Exchange

The cryptocurrency space is highly unregulated and most crypto  exchanges fall short with fake trading volume. The IronX project is  pushing itself to become a world-class cryptocurrency exchange, and  regulation should be a concern for an exchange that wants to become a  leader in the industry. They currently hold an FIU License In Estonia  and are actively seeking licenses in other key jurisdictions. 

An Exchange For Global Customer Support

Every once in a while platform users get into challenges on how to  use the platform, or how to tour within the platform, or encounter some  irregularities while using the platform. The cryptocurrency industry is a  borderless means of value exchange ( a digital currency). An individual  might be limited with a language barrier to communicate with the  support team. The IronX exchange has leveraged on their experience to  provide platform users with a 24hours customer support, and bilingual  support team to attend to users in a variety of languages. 

High Level Of Liquidity

The IronX platform would leverage the large customer base they  already have for the traditional online trading, which is about  1.2Million users and would provide cryptocurrency trading to this users.  This introduces cryptocurrency to a new level of users. The over  1.2million user base would add up to the new user based which they would  be introducing through their new market awareness and passionate crypto  investors who also believed in the vision of the IronX project would  join the train.  

How IronX Would Be A Key Player In Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream.

The IronX project is an arm in the IronFX group and they have been in  existence since 2010 with a leader in Forex trading. The IronX Exchange  platform is built to allow investors diversify their crypto assets. A  user would be able to convert their assets to different trading  commodities which may range from forex, CFDs, shares, futures,  commodities, Indices etc. The platform would also assist ICO who want to  list on their exchange to become successful. 

Visit their official website, join their social media  communities and consult the official documents for more information  about the project. 

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