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Since the introduction of blockchain technology in 2008. The technology has continued to gain attention from investors and technology enthusiasts. Over time the market valuation and awareness of cryptocurrency have experienced a massive growth. This has spiked a large number of interested individuals. For cryptocurrency enthusiast to be able to get involved in the cryptocurrency space they need to use an exchange.


The cryptocurrency exchange is a digital marketplace where sellers and buyers converge to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. It serves as the intermediary between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency. There are currently over 180 cryptocurrency exchange in the market, but none of them have been able to build an Enterprise Infrastructure for the industrial standard. The idap project is an innovative blockchain project that is building a single click trading platform.

Challenges of Current Exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchanges available are limited in many ways. Due to the many benefits of blockchain technology, it has gained many investors interest. However, current systems do not have adequate infrastructure for the userbase. Most often exchanges hang and breakdown due to the high volume of traders trading at a given time. The infrastructure available cannot withstand the high volatility of trades.

Additionally, the exchanges are sometimes slow during trade execution and orders are not processed as at when placed. This causes many panic among new investors and discourages them from getting into the cryptocurrency space. For crypto to go Mainstream investors and blockchain enthusiast need an exchange that can process their buy/sell orders seamlessly. Solution

idap is the next generation of cryptocurrency exchange that is built to bridge the gap between traders and the exchange. It is an exchange for enterprise and industry standard, it also provides server infrastructure. The exchange is built with the focus on users.

It streamlines seamless trading experience between cryptocurrency enthusiast and foster ease of access to all users. i.e It enables both newbies and experts trade cryptocurrency with a single click. It is creating a user-friendly ecosystem that provides an atmosphere that is hassle-free for easy entry and exit.

Benefits Of

  • Derivatives Instrument
  • Extended Product Offerings
  • IDAP Matrix & Spreader
  • Institutional Grade Matching Engine
  • Advanced OMS & SOR
  • Low Latency & High Availability
  • Security & Compliance
  • Customer Oriented

Visit the official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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