Humancoin The Cryptocurrency Of Kindness

In the past, there has been an outcry of how and where donations given to charity are managed or what they are used for. The transparency of fund received has been questioned over time. The philanthropists and charity donator have taken a step backward on how much they give because of lack of transparency, security, traceability and trust within the philanthropist's industry. The need to change this stand becomes apparent.

Humancoin is a creating a new transformative ecosystem, where trust and transparency become the order of the day within the philanthropist's industry. They leverage the blockchain technology to create a synergy between the cryptocurrency market, philanthropists and retail e-commerce store.

 Why Blockchain

The blockchain is a distributed ledger, where data are redistributed in small chunks to different nodes on the entire network of connected computers. These data are immutable and are transparent on the blockchain. Anyone could look up a transaction on the blockchain and be able to track it.

Blockchain has the power to disrupt virtually all industry and it has started its revolution on finance, things are taking shape as they move to the gaming industry, cloud computing, supply chain, social media, data storage among many others. The charity industry is not left behind as Humancoin is at the forefront of bringing together three powerful industry; the cryptocurrency market, the philanthropy industry and the retail e-commerce which is worth cumulatively about $3.5 trillion.

Humancoin Solution

Humancoin leverages the blockchain technology to create an ecosystem of trust, transparency, security, and traceability. Donators from any part of the world could make a charity donation to any charity organization worldwide and he can monitor and track the process on how the money is spent and on what it is spent on.

The platform would be collaborating with different e-commerce stores and they would propose to the global e-commerce store to use them as loyalty program aggregator.

As an effort to create awareness and reach out to as many donors as possible they have plans to partner with gaming, businesses, e-commerce vendors and the entertainment industry. The key industries would help create massive awareness for the project and donors/ philanthropists could validate their payment on the platform and be able to track and receive a receipt for the use of tax deduction depending on the donor's tax jurisdiction.

Token Economic

The Humancoin token is built on the ethereum network and it is conducting a crowdsale to raise fund for the project. They are currently looking for a minimum amount of $6,000,000 million and a maximum hard cap of $26, 000, 000 million. The ICO price per token during the crowdsale is $0.01 and the token ticker is HUMA. The ICO sale is scheduled to end by 5th of November. The total number of token available for sale is 3,055,000,000 million HUMA.

Fund Raise Breakdown

Team Member

The Humancoin CEO is Giles Gailer . A determined and passionate individual with a strong believer in disruptive technology and a strong background in International strategic business development and leading management teams.

He is a digital entrepreneur and an enthusiastic evangelist of cryptocurrency and e-commerce, He runs several marathons for charity.

Visit the Humancoin official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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