Game Loot Network - GLN: Disrupting The Gaming Industry Through Blockchain

The history of video games gained public awareness around the 19th century. And the most popular game at that period was the Arcade video game, which was the order of the day. As it produces many motion effect, enticing animation and makes the experience enjoyable, and every one was excited about video games, both adults and children alike.

According to statista dot com. The age range of individual who plays video game in the united state in 2018 was people from the age range of 18 - 35year with about 29% of individual, while children under 18years are recorded at about 28%, individual within the age range of 36 - 49 years records about 20%, while individual from 50years and older records 23%. And in 2017 the gaming industry generated about $108.9 billion in revenue.


Working with the data available to us we can see a great number of individual still play games as a way to relax and have fun with friend and family within their neighborhood. The industry is an ever-growing one and would continue to grow as long as man exists. Having fun and relaxing is a necessity for man.

There have been many channels of which we all play games and have fun, Medium such as:

  • Nintendo Game
  • Game Boy
  • Console Games
  • Mobile Games
  • X-Box
  • Playstations
  • PC Games

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As technology advances the gaming industry needs to create an ecosystem where creativity and innovation are encouraged. And these should encourage more sophisticated games that excite individuals to relax and have fun. Most often developers are faced with some challenges as:

  • Budget Limitations for developers to fund their ideas.
  • Unpleasant Publishers
  • Marketing Resources for developers to take their game to gamers.

In other to create a free channel where game development is encouraged at the highest form, Game Loot Network wants to democratize the gaming experience to enable developers to create and develop their gaming ideas regardless of the challenges they face as stated above.

Game Loot Network works like an app store, but we offer much more than just games. Blockchain technology allows the platform to be an entertainment superstore — with resources for play, purchase, and design. Website

Game Loot Network is creating a platform that empowers developers and gamers. By creating a Virtual ecosystem that rewards players for playing games. It leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to create a democratized gaming experience.

How Does It Work

The Game Loot Network serves as a virtual hub where developers submit their ideas and get funding in Loot Token. If their idea gets a significant interest among participant within the loot ecosystem they receive the necessary funding they need to carry out the project idea. The Main Features are the Build, Earn and Play Features on the platform.



There are many different ways users on the platform can earn within the system. They may choose to refer friends and family to use the platform, and they get rewarded for referring a friend to the platform. Additionally, users of the platform can earn residual income for supporting fabulous ideas. Finally, there are highly rewarding competitions organized within the platform. Participants can participate in the competition to earn a reward in Loot token if they win.


The developer has an idea to develop a groundbreaking game. Within the Loot Network Ecosystem, participants can help this idea come to life by contributing to the idea with Loot Token, and they are entitled to receive a share in future earning of the game after the idea has come to life.


The loot Network is decentralizing the gaming industry and wants to reward participants of the platform with real-world value for their time, effort and talent. After building a game it is available for all to play and participants are being rewarded for their effort. The loot Network organizes a competitive tournament for different players to earn Loot Token for their time.

In conclusion, this is a transformative project as it encourages innovation within the gaming industry, reward everyone both gamers, idea identifiers and developers for their effort. Making provision for a participant to earn through different means.

Visit Game Loot Network official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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