Foresting : Brand New Social Media Based On Blockchain Technology.

The internet has, without a doubt, the most significant technology in human existence. Humans have played a vital role in getting involved with technological advancement. At some point, we couldn't keep up with the latest technology.

The social media is one area that has gotten the attention of different users, of different age grade, different colors, and tribe. The social media has significantly united humans from a different religious background and skin color.

 What Is Foresting?

Foresting is the next generation of social media platform built on blockchain technology. Foresting takes a paradigm shift in the traditional social media platforms to a new and exciting haven. Their goal is to create a fair value distribution ecosystem, it rewards all participants who play an active role in improving and adding value to their platform.

Users can perform activities such as they would ordinarily do on the traditional social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter among others, and they would be rewarded for their active participation. They are rewarded when they post, like, share, comment etc on content within the platform.

 Why Is Social Media So Powerful?

In the 17th and 18th century the newspaper have served as a medium to communicate between different entities ranging from government, education, businesses among many others. They serve as a one-way medium to relay information to the targeted audience.

But, as technological advances it continues to erupt, people continue to become self-aware of the latest happening within their environment and the world at large.

The social media has now become so powerful as it has the ability to reach a large audience. It has become a home for businesses, politics and other related social trends. and as such it has the power to connect to a great number of audience and influence them.

For Example, The recent happening in Egypt Government, they were able to organize and eject their leader in a matter of days and the social media played a significant part to that purpose.

The Problem So Far . . .

The social media stands at the pivot of many businesses and organizations, even individuals, and virtually all modern business have two or more social media account to promote their business or services, and these social media platforms generate millions and billions of dollars yearly, and the profits are taken away from the users who played the major role in the contribution of such success, and the profits is being given to the shareholders and owners. This is not a fair way to reward participants for their loyal support for the platform.

let's take a close figure on how much these social media platforms truly generate on a yearly basis.

As at writing this Facebook market cap is currently sitting at about 447 billion dollars. Just in 2017 Facebook received a total of about 711 billion dollars in payments and other fees revenue, while they received about 39.9 billion dollars for just advertising alone.


Twitter on the other side generated about 2.1 billion dollars in 2017

These social media platforms generate a lot of revenues and they use this generated fund to distribute to their shareholder "which is not fair".

Embracing Foresting: The Next Generation Of Social Media Platform.

Foresting is developing a state of art social media platform on the blockchain ecosystem. The platform enables you to work four hours a day, share moments, and enables you to manage your time effectively.

The platform is built to be intuitive with a top class user interface (UX/UI) and the platform is designed to support a variety of contents ranging from text, images, videos among many others. Just the same content you would get from the traditional social media platforms.

As statistics have it in 2018 a total of 52.2 percent of all traffic worldwide was generated through mobile device. The Foresting team understand this need are developing their platform to be fully optimized for a variety of devices which may range from mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

Furthermore, since the platform is developed on the blockchain, it provides a secure and transparent transaction. The transaction or information submitted to the platform are highly secured, thereby bring more privacy control to the end user.

Why Social Media Is Important?

  • Social media helps you to understand your customers.
  • Social media allows you to laser target audience.
  • Find new customers using social media .
  • Social media as a communication tool.
  • Social media is great for SEO.
  • Social media is cost effective.

Core Features Of The Platform.

Real-time Trade Function through Embedded Exchange

As it would be challenging for new users who want to leverage the many benefits the Foresting platform offers. The team has thought it wise to create an eco-friendly platform that enable token holder trade and exchange their PTON token for bitcoin or other altcoins. This would aid new users to adapt to the Foresting platform and helps propel the growth of the platform and the entire cryptocurrency landscape.

Master Node-based P2P Transaction.

Master node are like fuel that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin ledger in real time and in return. The master node gets rewarded for their effort in supporting the network. The master node is a way to earn passive income while you get along with other business of your life. They help fuel and support the network on the Foresting blockchain and you are rewarded.

Content Creator Sponsor Feature.

The platform enables users to promote their content to reach a wider audience. If the content provides value for the Foresting community and they receive different activities(such as a lot of likes, comments, and shares) they are rewarded with real currency for the value they have created.

Open Market Advertising.

This is a marketplace that is centered and targets advertisers and platform operators.

Road Map

As with all successful company, there should be a clear direction and the next course of action for them to stay focus and committed to the task at hand. The foresting platform is scheduled to list on an exchange by q4 of 2018 and the beta test platform is expected to be out by q4 2018. below is the full roadmap overview.


The Foresting team is sophisticated with experienced experts with a successful track record with the previous company. The CEO is David Kim who is an investment specialist and CEO of 500V a company which has alliance venture company with over 500 innovative companies based on Life AND TECHNOLOGY both online and offline.

Daniel Eom is the co-founder and CEO of foresting. He is a graduate of California State University with a degree in Business and Economic. below are the executing members of their team.


The Foresting platform is disrupting the traditional social media platform and its creating a new way to do things, it is creating a community driven platform that rewards its users for their valued contribution to the foresting ecosystem. The idea is truly distruptive and it questions the traditional social media platform.

The team behind this project is truly the selling point and i see this as a smart investment.

Visit the Foresting official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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