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Every now and then projects flood with plenty of idea into the cryptocurrency space, looking for a way to transform the way we live. The blockchain technology has the power to revolutionalize lots of industry.

However, not all ideas need a blockchain technology. Today we see a lot of opportunities all around the cryptocurrency space both as a technology and as an investment. A lot of the day to day crypto activities are so complex that an average individual finds it difficult to explore the technology.


In the midst of all these opportunities, how do we integrate our day to day activities into the crypto world? How does the ordinary man understand the technology and be able to get involved in the cryptocurrency space? How does a newbie be able to trade his cryptocurrency assets with other cryptocurrency or be able to convert it to fiat easily? These are many questions newbies ask while getting to learn about cryptocurrency.


The Cryptassist is a cryptocurrency assistance that provides an ecosystem that enables newcomers and experts in the crypto space be able to carry out crypto activities seamlessly.

The Project Focuses on Five Major Features.
  • CryptoGo.
  • Exchange.
  • The Deflation Model.
  • Multi-Coin Block Explorer.
  • Debit Card.

The CryptoGo

Gaming is a fundamental part of human existence we get involved in different kind of games in our day to day activities. According to statistic there are over 2.5billion active gamers in the world. And it is estimated that the gaming industry would be valued at about $115.8 billion in game revenue in 2018. The percentage of revenue generated in digital devices amount to about 87%, with the smartphone taking a larger chunk in this revenue we can see this industry has great potentials.


The idea of cryptassist is to take cryptocurrency to the masses and the game industry has very great potential. The cryptassist as part of its core features, it would provide a platform to reward gamers. It would airdrop tokens globally based on users location, and new projects can use the CryptoGo to organize their airdrop during their marketing campaign.


If you are getting started in cryptocurrency the first thing one would need is Fiat money. The newbies probably have fiat and want to buy or trade cryptocurrency. The exchange stands at the pivot of cryptocurrency transactions. It is a digital marketplace where traders can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It plays a critical role in the cryptocurrency space, and it seamlessly enables newbies and experts alike trade their fiat to cryptocurrency or vice versa.


The cryptassist exchange provides newbie and even experts with a high-level user-friendly interface. It would allow user trade over 1700+ cryptocurrency available currently and users can buy and sell their crypto assets seamlessly.

Importance of Cryptassist Exchange

  • Seamless Trading.
  • Unparallel Trading Experience.
  • Fully regulation Compliance.
  • Fully Licensed.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 50% discount when trading fees are paid for in CTA.

Debit Card

There are very many benefits to having a crypto debit card, individuals can use the card to hold up to 50 cryptocurrencies and it's a fiat gateway. This in many ways would contribute immensely to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Individual are already used to the traditional debit card, but the cryptassist debit card allows cryptocurrency and fiat gateway.


The crypto debit card provides some benefits like:

  • A seamless conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency.
  • A superfast transaction between fiat and crypto.
  • Use of crypto cards in ATMs .

Multi-Coin Block Explorer

A crypto explorer is like a mirror to blockchain transactions. It shows a transaction history of sent and received tokens. The cryptassist help users save valuable time, by providing an all in one explorer where users can use to search all their sent and received transactions.

For Instance :

There are many different explorers for different blockchain platforms. The or for ethereum. The for wave platform. The for bitcoin transactions. The an explorer for the stellar network. Among many others.

All these explorers are scattered all over different platforms and website, but the cryptassist wants to unify these explorers into one platform. You would not need to visit any other platform to check your transaction history. "We gat you covered".

The Deflation Model

This mechanism functions as a token burn, The cryptassist would offer some services and users can pay with the CTA coin and the coin used to pay for these services would be burned. This tends to increase the value of CTA over time.

In Conclusion, the cryptassist project is developed to bring mainstream adoption. And these five core features play a critical role in bringing cryptocurrency to everyone. Users can use their debit card as a gateway to fiat and cryptocurrency while providing a medium where users can play games to earn cryptocurrency that has real-world value. The exchange is a marketplace where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency. The cryptassist is truly an innovation that needs to play an important role to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Visit the Cryptassist official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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