Bluenote ICO Review

I welcome you to this episode of my ICO review. Overtime we have seen the many advantages technology has brought to our community and to the world at large. Technology has shaped the way we shop, trade, meet friends, communicate and even listen and get the latest happening all around the world. It has made life easier and seamless. However, amidst these many benefit it has brought to humans there has been some negative effect of technology to our environment.

*Bluenote is a revolutionary project that is coming to disrupt the status quo and provide Green Energy solution which is safe for our environment and humanity at large. The provision of green energy solution is capital intensive for the project to be completed to achieve it purpose. The team behind the Bluenote project are creating an ecosystem that is safe for all human kind. They are creating a decentralized and efficient energy protocol on the blockchain so as to maximize energy and provide financial returns in real estate and stop the climate-change which is harmful to our environment.

Blockchain technology provides a secured, transparent, and verifiable ledger that allows individual check and verify every transaction on the blockchain. The Bluenote project is launching the world first blockchain-based energy efficient protocol to make buildings to be more energy efficient and increase structures value, thereby making those structures more profitable and viable which significantly lower carbon emission in structures across the globe.

Why Should You Be Interested?

There are numerous benefit the Bluenote project offers, you need to be aware of the latest happening of the benefit and potential of a project before you commit your fund to a project.

Firstly, there is a current trend going on now about climate, Great European nations are investing heavily and making policies to safe guide the human ecosystem. The US, NASA among many other agencies and institutions are investing heavily on energy efficiency. The Bluenote team is creating a system that is both rewarding to investors and provides value to our environment. The project requires users to purchase Bluenote token to be able to get involve in energy efficiency in buildings.

The Bluenote project is creating a marketplace that foster a development of far better building that generate a considerable amount overtime and this also provides a quantifiable and verifiable tool using blockchain technology to aggregate the cost of green energy and be able to cater for the demand as required.

The Financial Aspect Of The ICO

The Bluenote token is built on the ethereum network and the project is currently doing an ICO sales to raise fund to execute the project with a ticker of BNOW. The project provide financial rewards to building owners and allow ordinary individual join the financial gains even if they don't own a building. They could provide or help in data intelligence and they are rewarded for their efforts.

Advantages Of Bluenote Project

A secured and open network of protocols - An open network that allows everyone contribute to the development of the project and be able to significantly improve the project over time.

They also provide a safe environment for all so as to avoid catastrophic incidence and risk generated by climate change.

Rewards everyone in the chain both building owners and those who provide intelligence data to improving the system.

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This article is not a financial advice. Investing in ICO may be extremely risky, always remember to do your own research and consult financial and legal advisors before investing in ICOs.

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