Atomic Wallet: Universal Multi-Assets Wallet

 The introduction of bitcoin  as the first digital currency since 2009 has led to the massive  awareness of cryptocurrency, and since then it has continued to attract  mainstream attention. The technology was developed to be a decentralized  peer to peer medium of exchange. 

Every now and then different cryptocurrency exchange flood into  the market without any real solution to already existing cryptocurrency  challenges. They come into the space creating more problems for the  crypto users. The problems faced by crypto users about their lack of  insecurity, lack of transparency, government regulatory problems, lack  of liquidity, verification issues, market manipulations, and many other  inefficiencies which pose a challenge to the crypto space.  

Introducing Atomic Wallet:

Setting up the right technology for mainstream adoption is the idea  behind the Atomic Wallet, bringing a lasting solution to the blockchain  ecosystem. The Atomic Wallet team are developing a decentralized  cross-blockchain exchange, that allows a crypto enthusiast to seamlessly  exchange their crypto assets to other forms of cryptocurrency. The  exchange is transparent, decentralized and custody free. The Atomic  wallet ecosystem would serve as the gateway to connect buyers and  sellers of cryptocurrency in a decentralized manner. 

Features Of The Atomic Wallet Platform


The Atomic wallet provides users with amazing features for them to  seamlessly trade their cryptocurrency assets. The platform supports over  300+ coin/token. The wallet is powerful, trustless and transparent. The  platform also provides users with one of the best security features by  its decentralized nature of the wallet and one of the best intuitive UI  for seamless platform interaction.  

The wallet is built with the SPV ( Simplified Payment Verification )  technology. This helps keep users off the blockchain synchronization  problems. The wallet key can be stored in an encrypted manner or backed  up by a passphrase. Some of the features the wallet offers are listed  below:  

  • Receive crypto assets to the generated wallet.
  • Import assets to the wallet using private keys of various formats.
  • Store private keys in a securely encrypted environment.
  • Send assets to other addresses.
  • Select the cryptocurrency node to use.
  • Select blockchain explorer to use.

Additional Features:

As with most other cryptocurrency projects that come up with just a  whitepaper idea, the Atomic wallet team are already getting things done.  The atomic wallet team has already implemented two instant exchange for  the wallet users: 

Shapeshift: This is the leading instant digital asset  exchange, supporting a variety of blockchain tokens. Its the fastest and  most convenient way to swap digital currency. 

Changelly:The Changelly is also a cryptocurrency exchange that  serves as a mediator between trading cryptocurrency platform and users.  The platform has been in existence since 2015 and it is one of the most  popular cryptocurrency exchange serving a variety of users. 

Fiat Option: The Atomic wallet also made a provision for users  to purchase cryptocurrency or buy them with the help of their partner  services. 

Token Information:

Type: ERC20 Token
Ticker: AWC
Name: Atomic Wallet Coin
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 100 Million AWC Are you interested in the project ? or do you want to try out the  Atomic wallet platform? The video description below demonstrates how to  create an atomic swap order in the Atomic Wallet

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