Atlantico Network: Token Overview and Expert Ratings

Good day my dear wonderful reader. Today's review we would be discussing an innovative medical technology that disrupts the status quo in the medical field and how the token used on the platform could be valuable and increase in price over time. We would look at the valuation of the token use case and why it would increase in price value, an overview of experts ratings.

The Atlantico blockchain is developed as an inter-connectivity mechanism to unite medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance services. The is the first international decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

ATL Token Overview

In one of my review, I talked about why Atlantico Network used NEM over ethereum, in case you are interested in getting to know the detail Read it here 

The ATL is the internal cryptocurrency used for financial settlement within the Atlantico ecosystem. The currency is built to ensure easy transaction between parties, it is developed for transparency, safety and all honesty as a protocol of interaction between participating entities. The token would be listed on exchanges to allow free trading of the token.

Why Should You Get Involve In Atlantico Network Project

Fuel Of The Platform

The ATL token is exclusive to the platform and as such, any person who wants to participate in the Atlantico platform must first purchase the ATL token. Either you want to enjoy the services provided by Atlantico Network or you want to join to benefit from the dividend the platform pays to token holders.

BuyBack Mechanism

The Atlantico platform rewards participating entities for using their platform. The bonus reward for patients and medical professional are accumulated and bound to be bought back by the Atlantico Network platform every once a year.

The buyback mechanism would push the token price up as there is less number of token in circulation. The reduction of circulating supply of token create value scarcity, and it would in a great way reward investors for their continued support.

Highly Community Driven Platform

The Atlantico Network platform would every once in a while give token holders the chance to express their opinion on operational activities through a transparent decentralized community voting mechanism. The community holders would have a chance to make an operational decision based on community voting which would serve as an expert recommendation for the platform development.

What Other Experts Are Saying

It's without a doubt that most investors don't really know how to evaluate a project, even me sometimes get really chaotic on a projects value proposition. But we would dive into what experts are talking about this project.


ICOBench  is an ICO rating platform and it is the best ICO rating platform, they have helped many ICO's achieve their goal and are still at the forward lane in supporting new project come alive. They have rated Atlantico Network 4.1/5 on their platform based on the team, vision and product quality. This shows how they evaluated the project and the prospects they think the project holds.


TrackICO is another platform which has helped ICOs achieve their goal. They are ranked 81,617 in Alexa world ranking and most of their traffics are from the United State( 38% ) and India ( 13% ). They rate Atlantico Network a 5/5 on their platform.

Profit Distribution

Token Information


Considering the many mechanisms put in place to increase the token value the Atlantico platform would be highly valued as the project implementation is accomplished and as the development progresses, as token holders would get rewarded for their continued support or as they use the services of the Atlantico platform.

Visit the Atlantico Network official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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