ARAW A Decentralised Payment For E-Commerce Ecosystem

In recent years, the e-commerce platform has experienced an enormous growth. In 2017 the e-commerce growth rate has experienced a growth rate of about 23.2 percent and it is projected to increase more in the coming years.

Araw is the next level of eCommerce marketplace, creating a decentralized payment for the eCommerce ecosystem. The platform creates a totally unified rewards e-commerce ecosystem while leveraging the ethereum blockchain to provide an end to end payment solution.

According to statistic, the top Global online stores are The market valuation is estimated to be about $2.3 trillion in 2017 and it is estimated to grow to $4.88 trillion in 2021.

Why Blockchain In eCommerce Industry?

The winter of 2017 was breathtaking for the cryptocurrency market valuation which reaches unparalleled highs and the buzzwords were over the place.

Innovative technology has always been the driving force for a developed country and it has been the key player of growth in developing countries. Blockchain, on the other hand, is the next generation of the internet revolution. It helps reduce fraud in the e-commerce marketplace, create a safe and secure way to shop online.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables secured, safe and unhackable system of transaction, where all transactions are recorded securely on the blockchain in a transparent manner.

Benefits of Blockchain To The eCommerce Marketplace.

blockchain technology is transforming many industries because of the many groundbreaking benefits it offers to the technological world. Blockchain and e-commerce platform would be a perfect combo for it provides a safe and secure marketplace for platform users. Thereby eliminating fraud in many sense. It also provides a verifiable transaction ledger for customers and platform owners to verify each transaction.

Additionally, blockchain technology provides total transparency of data, by aggregating either a quantitative or qualitative data center. Also, earning generated within the platforms are redistributed to platform users, which significantly, lower the transaction cost to run a distributed ledger network.


The e-commerce marketplace is often used by all and the Araw platform is creating a seamless and easy to use ecosystem. They are implementing a plug and play widget for platform users that enable them easily redeem reward rapidly by implementing and creating the Araw card for users shopping needs.

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