VEIL: The Next Level Privacy Coin

I present to you the next level for privacy coins which is called VEIL, enjoy reading…

VEIL has taken the latter approach by integrating and improving best-in-class, time-tested technologies like Zerocoin, Bulletproofs, Dandelion, and RingCT coded from scratch upon the latest Bitcoin core version to create a privacy coin that delivers the highest level of anonymity, and without compromise.

The VEIL project currently has a special team of 30 full-time employees, most of whom are all paid in the project’s local currency, veil coin. Given that VEIL is a brand-new crypto project; this means that our team members are now earning less than traditional opportunities in fiat.

Establishing a crypto project is as difficult as starting a business, and statistically, most of them fail. However, the likelihood of success increases dramatically if the project is built by someone who already has a track record.

James Burden, the founder of VEIL, was the founder of Pivx, a currency that quickly entered the top 100, with a market value of about $ 50 million.

PIVX is a general purpose currency with a community governance model. VEIL and James wanted to address the market demand for a pure game in the field of privacy without an official governance model to react to the developments in innovation and as a currency for an “always open” privacy. as soon as possible.

The team is excited for the opportunity to join James during his latest attempt with a successful project at the bottom of his belt, including, as well).

The VEIL team believes strongly in the long-term viability of the privacy coin use case.

When creating a new privacy coin, and underlying network protocol, two approaches can be taken;

One can attempt to create completely new technology, or

One can build and innovate on proven technology.

Join us Now at the VEIL Community and be Part of its Success Story!

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