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I so much believe that everyone wants the best on their investments, and this is more reason why I am bringing to the public domain a wonderful blockchain based project called [VEIL]( that has been doing wonders on the coin market cap and making investors smile.

But first and foremost, I would like to tell us what privacy coins are:

Privacy coins are coins that are designed to remove and eliminate connections and links between users each of their transaction history. This type of crypto coin is designed for the absolute privacy of people that don't want to have a public record of their everyday activity and transaction on the network. Even though there are so many coins that claim to be anonymous but still yet does not maintain the privacy of its users, most of their transaction is being recorded on a public ledger which is not private anymore because it has been exposed, this makes it possible to trace every detail such as the amount and location of a transaction back to its address.

[VEIL]( is what we need now as the most feasible solution! I have these few points to justify my point:

VEIL is an open-sourced project launched on 1st January 2019. It is a hybrid blockchain project with no ICO and pre-mine so as to ensure fair distribution of the coin.

VEIL is a blockchain based project which is in its infant stage but whirled high and superior technology than its predecessors; the team is making sure that the project is being developed effectively.

VEIL comes into an already saturated space of underperforming privacy coin, leveraging on their cutting edge technology and value to give them an edge and make them the leading privacy-focused crypto coin within the crypto community and beyond.

Be Part of The VEIL Revolution!

For more information about the [VEIL]( Platform, please visit:





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