I present to you a Multi-functional and Hybrid exchange platform called CoinCasso. This project is the first on the market giving financial benefits to its active users.

But before we dive into the review of CoinCasso project, let’s have a general look at the crypto market and the problems faced in the crypto general world.
The cryptocurrency market has seen vast expansion in the last two years with continued increase in market capitalization and in the number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens (which collectively total more than 2,000) such that the impact and popularity made by the blockchain technology have made it difficult just to abandon it. It has been discovered that the changes and the progress in the financial system was as a result of the introduction and implementation of the latest blockchain technology.

The main objectives of the digital currency and blockchain is to solve the issue of security, lack of trust and transparency, slow deposit and withdrawal in the traditional system and every one of these issues is simply identified with monetary establishments, which represent practically higher percent of all our money related transaction. It doesn't make a difference whether you need to purchase or move something because banks will dependably take their own. All things considered, majority of these financial establishments have been utilizing too obsolete frameworks of work that don't ensure the speed, security and significantly more transparency of every monetary exchange.

Be that as it may, with the approach of digital currency platform, numerous procedures in the monetary market have changed fundamentally. Be that as it may, numerous exchange platforms started to utilize the model of financial system frameworks not in the most ideal way, which normally intensified the entire circumstance of digital currency installments.

The main objective of the CoinCasso is to change the whole monetary world on a bigger scale. This objective is incredibly positive, as the group of pros has since a long time ago needed to solve the current issues which means the team intends to bring together features of the 2 different platforms with both their disadvantages and advantages so that one can cover for the other wherever the is lapses.


The CoinCasso platform intends to change the present issues on the cryptocurrency exchanges, which means to merge only the best attributes from the two heading of the ordinary structure and present-day Blockchain advancement.
That is, CoinCasso will base the advancement of the platform on the wants of society and their necessities, along these lines improving the idea of the work and in like manner improving its characteristics.

The likelihood of CoinCasso is irregular for a standard user. Since the central mission of the fundamental project includes extraordinary open doors for clients, where each user gets a chance to finish up as a working part in the improvement and choice of some basic decisions affecting the progression of the CoinCasso platform. By the day's end, all clients of CoinCasso will most likely make their suggestions to the advancement of the new CoinCasso platform, along these lines demonstrating the significance and centrality for each other client.

On the off chance that we intently analyze the features of CoinCasso platform, it would be found that the project is comprised of two (2) significant features;
i. Decentralized features, and
ii. Centralizeatures.

The idea is to develop a centralized platform with the features of decentralized platform. This is a new strategy used by the new CoinCasso that is capable to rectify the issues facing the cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


  • The principle preferred standpoint of the new CoinCasso project is its Hybrid nature which is designed with various capacities and instruments. CoinCasso is ideal for both private and corporate customers who have their own tokens accessible for trade.
  • The CoinCasso digital currency wallet is designed with a payment gateway that will add to fast exchange and transaction, quickening traditional monetary activities by several many occasions, expects to supplement all the above preferences. An extra system of ATMs and an installment terminal will build up the CoinCasso framework rapidly within short period of time.
  • CoinCasso token will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain network which is one of the best cryptocurrency networks. The ethereum network is one of the best blockchain networks with high speed and transparency. Every transaction made in the platform will be recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
  • CoinCasso shows up before us as a multi-layer system in which features of both centralized and decentralized platform will be documented, permitting to make a commendable project available.
  • The CoinCasso token will be used in the platform to make an important decision through its voting system. Every token holder will have the opportunity to vote and decide what’s best for them in the platform. In addition to this, the token will be used in the system to make payment for transaction and every token holder will be considered for more benefits and incentives in the platform.
  • In the event that we talk about the estimation of the token, the venture CoinCasso gives careful consideration to it. Since every interested investor will partake in the purchase of this token, it will give the token more valu worth.



Token Ticker: CCX
Token Standard: ERC20
Token Available for Sale: 80,000,000 CCX
Payment Gateways: BTC, ETH, LTC



The funds that is raised from the token sale would be fairly allocated as follows:
5%: Research and Monitoring
5%: Company Operations Cap
5%: Payment Gateway
10%: Mobile Wallet
10%: Liquidity
15%: ATM networks
20%: Marketing
30%: Exchange Development



Behind each great task, there must be a strong team who are continually conceptualizing and moving in the direction of on the most proficient method to accomplish the point of the venture. Here in CoinCasso, we have a diverse team of individuals with varying backgrounds ranging from experience in Information Technology (IT), Business Strategy, Blockchain, Finance, Crypto Trading, Management, Marketing, and Development.
The following are the great minds that make up the *Co Team;



In conclusion, the CoinCasso project will ensure that financial system is improved through the launch of its blockchain based project. Before now there have been set back in the financial system in which CoinCasso will rectify. CoinCasso will help the financial system by solving its existing problem with all its new features that are discussed above. CoinCasso will be the savior to the financial system of the whole world.
Key in now into the CoinCasso Exchange project to trade top currencies in a unique and welcoming environment, discover promising new projects and ask or give advice in a community focused on creating a bright future for everyone! Become part of the CoinCasso community and be a CCX token holder
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Article Written by: HELEN IMAH
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