FinanceX provides to users the stable, safe and high-performance platform with many trade couples of fiat-to-coin

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So why you have to trade with FinanceX?

We provide to clients of trade partners on Fiat coins who allow to leave quickly and easily cash and BTC allow traders to pass if they wish that. To find advantages the parameter of Fiat is used for cryptotrading

Low trade costs. It is quite often possible to see that the cost of trade is 2% but we pay only there are no 0,3% and the hidden payments

We offer transparency. Just as our expenses are transparent we want that our team and our vision were completely transparent. We plan to make it with our growing presence at social networks.

Automatic trade in real time which can process up to 100 000 thousand transactions per second. The majority of exchanges use off-exchange models which are less transparent, more risky and much more slowly.

High liquidity. After creation our platform will offer high liquidity when we create interindustry network between the countries of Southeast Asia. Our tokens will help FNX with high liquidity.

Fast time of processing. Transfer from bank to a purse will take less than 3 minutes and a purse for bank less than 1 hour. Much quicker than competitors

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Our mission

Start of the new convenient and safe platform for trade in cryptocurrencies directly by means of fiat under the name "FinanceX". FinanceX has been developed to become cryptocurrencies of a world class from one of the highest rates of the liquidity ensuring absolute safety and the lowest cost.
Though many exchange currency exchanges provide services to financial institutions or natural persons still there is a set of restrictions which cause concern in traders

Limited use of Fiat in trade in coins. To take a lot of time and expensively to transfer cryptocurrencies to fiat because it needs to be done through the intermediary.

    • Very few trade couples and less options for traders
    • Low availability of syste
    • It isn't enough payment methods of money in a purse
    • Reliability and low safet
    • Changes in financial changes

The exchange FinanceX platform allows users to trade in local currency of each country. It does transactions faster and easy when users can buy or sell directly electronic money but not use methods which more slowly and more difficultly to use brokers such as BTC and ETH. It also means that you can trade from the different countries, without doing it is more difficult to differ for users from other exchanges.

FinanceX simplifies this process, allowing users to choose various payment methods. It includes local or international bank transfers options of an e-wallet of VISA or MasterCard (Paypal). When you move with Fiat to the purse not enough paper money less than 60 minutes of trade time are required it takes about 30 seconds. FinanceX switches to more convenient transactions, than earlier.

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