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FiiiCOIN is developed based on FiiiCHAIN, a versatile


Today we have a review on the FiiiCoin cryptocurrency which is constructed taking into account all pluses and elimination of minuses of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Behind the project there is a FIIILAB company including a dynamic combination of several technologies each of which specializes in special area but they work in common and in the direction of the general vision. Many of us often meet a problem when there is no trifle or other additional currency during the travel and transactions on credit cards are disconnected. To solve these problems, this registered capital of 860 thousand dollars of the USA the Shenzhen company created the digital payment platform to help users to especially frequent passengers and business travelers, to travel and shop with peace of mind. Using achieved payment technologies and services of Bluetooth we also cooperate with outlets across all Southeast Asia to bring new ways for you to travel.

Vision of FiiiGROUP it is more than just innovative products and decisions, this creation interconnected cross-platform the Blockchain ecosystem which enter such components as FiiiPos, FiiiPay, FiiiChain, FiiiEX and FiiiCoin...

FiiiPOS the only mobile payment POS terminal in the world which can support more than 1500 types of cryptocurrencies. FiiiPOS possesses a set of functions for example Bluetooth, NFC, payments through GPS, scanning of codes and face recognition. And the technology by means of which this terminal is developed is patented.

FiiiPOS eats from own patented technology of payment Bluetooth FiiiGROUP. It is intended for obtaining the user data of payload broadcast any compatible smartphone through Bluetooth. By means of this technology users can exchange payment data reliably even in the autonomous mode.

FiiiPay is the cryptocurrency e-wallet which is capable to make multiple currency transactions and can transport more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. It is a long way to inclusivity considering that bitcoin not the only cryptocurrency started and which is in circulation right now. Means for the cryptocurrency companies or projects starting own coins it that FiiiPay is one more way to extend the coins to the market as the application is able to allow the specified coins to be acceptable payment cryptocurrency in the network of users and sellers.

FiiiPay does it to lungs for users to store and manage the money - irrespective of cryptocurrency they choose also access to it every time when they need it. Easy access to cryptocurrency accounts is important feature of FiiiPay as it turns the FiiiPay application from the simple e-wallet into the convenient payment tool. Through the application users can make the peer translations trade payments and even

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