Ethereum Classic Vision will solve a problem of scaling, inefficiency of mining and high cost of data storage

What is Ethereum Classic Vision - ETCV?
Ethereum Classic Vision is new cryptocurrency which intends to overcome this gap between expectations and reality. Being Ethereum hardfork he will use the most advanced solutions proposed for the world's second largest digital currency keeping at the same time the idea of decentralization.

The project will unite such technologies as a sharding, exchange of assets of P2P, the dApp development tools and the decentralized storage of files with IPFS use to turn Ethereum Classic Vision on full-function Wednesday for development and expansion of new digital assets.

What can Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) offer us?
Ethereum Classic Vision is directed to the solution of the main problems facing Ethereum including scaling, inefficiency of mining and high cost of data storage. Also there are some technical features of this project which you have to know:

VisionDEX is the decentralized exchange
VisionDEX is a way of carrying out market transactions without use of the centralized exchanges. Integration of the decentralized exchange of the P2P cryptocurrency. The exchange will be constructed by the principle of neutrality of currency: it will allow users to store not only ETCV but also tokens of ETH, ETC, ERC20, BTC, BCH, XLM and others.

The platform for the decentralized application development
The platform of development of the decentralized Ethereum Classic Vision applications will include both internal and external development tools the finished applications allowing users to create with the attractive user interface and the added native applications for Android and iOS without being returned to third-party services.

Sharding this best decision from Ethreum Classic Vision for a solution of the problem of scaling. The problem of scaling is not the unexpected phenomenon, this logical consequence of the structure of network. additional measures to make network so fast will be required as far as it is necessary for satisfaction of requirements of future growth. The ideal system of a blockchain has to have three properties: safety, scaling and decentralization.

Integration of storage of data of IPFS
IPFS (The interplanetary file system) this cheap decentralized file storage for your application. The basic protocol which can be easily integrated with any other system including Ethereum Classic Vision which is completely decentralized works and already connects many thousands of users

How to receive Ethreum Classic Vision (ETCV) is FREE?
Everyone can receive a free coin of Ethereum Classic Vision.

Initial distribution of free coins of Ethereum Classic Vision will take place after the picture of ETH network which is planned for January 11, 2019 20:00 across Greenwich.

The picture of network represents standard practice for cryptocurrency hardforks and creates the list of all addresses of the blockchains containing a certain coin or a token.

End of ETH Classic: the main developer of the Classic Ethereum team left the project because of lack of funds. The original decentralized cryptocurrency cannot be kept - and here time for a hardfork came.
Ethereum is unstable. And what is unacceptable?The bomb of complexity is built in the ETH code it is a fragment of the code which reduces efficiency of mining of the new block until verification process does not stop completely. There is no suggestion for improvement which would propose real solutions. Remunerations for miners will be reduced and for reasonable contracts the rent will be introduced. big mining pools can consume additional power and individual production will stop being favorable in principle.ETH disappoints supporters and the price will continue to fall!
Ethereum Classic Vision is the branch of Ethereum using the best of both worlds - the real decentralization Ethereum Classic and difficult protocols drafted for ETH such as mining of Po and Sharding. Having the huge potential, high speed and an appreciation of miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the final answer to calls of the modern market. In hard times the owners of Ethereum coming on January 11, 2019 will receive 3 ETCV on each ETH in the personal purse.
Why Ethereum Classic Vision
Ethereum Classic Vision combines all 3 options which very reliable blockchain has to have: decentralization, measurability and safety. He offers a set of serious advantages before ETH, ETC and BTC:Proof-of-StakeThe additional economic, safe and profitable protocol of mining which can localize network completely.Lack of the rent for storage.At the conclusion the smart of the contract can be raised a nominal single payment; the unused contract is located in a condition of a temporary dream by results of vote.Network with divisionETCV will be capable to process twenty five thousand transactions per second in comparison with simply 25 in ETH.Integration with IPFSThe cheap localized storage of files for your dApp.Fair remunerationThe ETCV miners should not worry that their remuneration will be accidentally lowered - in our system the interests of workers and merchandisers are strictly balanced.Efficiency of use of resourcesCost reduction means that mining will be favorable to the separate ETCV miners by the simple equipment.Stability:The ETCV holder receives more coins accepting rates therefore there are no motives of sale therefore the price of ETCV will steadily grow but not to fall!Safety
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