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In the closest several years of Elysian plans to occupy not less than 1% from 2,5 trillion market of electronic commerce and if you want to learn as they plan to make it read further

Elysian is the decentralized platform of electronic commerce allowing the enterprises to start the own commercial website on a block chain. Elysian plan to be the intermediary between dealers and their target demography of consumers functioning is a little similar to Shopify in this regard. The Blockchain technology will provide to Elysian advantage allowing them to solve two main problems of the user experience and safety which have negative effect on branch now!

The Elysian platform makes radical changes to safety of the user and has the unprecedented and unique user interface allowing to integrate blockchain technology directly into an ecosystem of the platform. But here I want to emphasize that these data storage of clients are very safe and users have an opportunity to participate actively in navigation on the platform and on the website by introduction of absolutely new technical achievements such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Elysian plans to use the integral aspect of the flowchart Ethereum connected with own proof of consent of the authority of Elysian to distribute data of the user and the ciphered information on credit cards on several knots in network and to prevent a uniform point of access for hackers. It eliminates risks of safety of the existing centralized systems providing safe data storage and protection against theft of identification data for clients of what isn't enough on platforms available now

The project will start the platform at the beginning of 2019 using own shop of electronic trading as the beta test for the platform to check its reliability. The shop is an effective way of receiving income less than in a year after the offer of tokens which seems today very seldom you will see. Elysian is positioned as one of the first platforms in space introducing blockchain technology for improvement of the existing shortcomings of the sphere of electronic trading. Having the market size in 2,3 trillion dollars in electronic trading and several hundreds of billions of cryptocurrency means within the first several years of the existence are the place for fast expansion. It will allow Elysian to take rigidly the cryptoforeign exchange market in this niche and to give them the considerable chance to compete in electronic trading with such companies as Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento =)

The artificial intelligence will be easily integrated into the Elysian platform for increase in convenience of users and owners of shops and consumers. Elysian AI (ELYN) will be able to compare the main AI which are available now such as Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft). It will allow users to move on the website going to recommended or a wound

Web - https://elycoin.io/

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