ATLANTICO Network | Review of the Project


ATLANTICO - the first decentralized medical block chain platform. He brings quality of medical goods and services to new level, regulates the prices and does all interactions between users of the platform including patients, pharmaceutical and insurance companies and the medical centers, absolutely simple and transparent. We develop the most transparent system independent of the large medical, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. All transactions register in the block register!

The purpose of ATLANTICO network to change all medical and pharmaceutical industry and to bring her to new level. The ATLANTICO network is aimed at the large and fast-growing market. The ATLANTICO Network project brings supply and demand of this market on one decentralized blockchain platform. It gives to users more opportunities of the choice and also reduces risks of poor quality of services and fraud that is very important for branch.

The main idea of the ATLANTICO Network project - to create a remote and safe way of interaction of participants of the medical and pharmaceutical markets of providing the transparent relations without risk and also improvement of quality of medical and pharmaceutical services.

The ATLANTICO network provides the decentralized software solution for safe and transparent transactions between users. It is the only way to attract a large number of patients, doctors, the medical centers, insurance companies, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical wholesalers and producers

The ATLANTICO network solves five main problems of the medical and pharmaceutical market

The medical centers and doctors provide services of poor quality.
The medical centers in which there is no qualified medical care and the equipment sometimes can't install in due time the correct diagnosis and to appoint the correct medicine for this case. Such incidents can lead to serious consequences and at worst can lead to the death of the patient!

Patients have no choice of doctors and the medical centers due to the lack of the rating of quality of service.
Patients aren't able to choose the correct medical center and the doctor because they can't analyze data and compare the medical centers and doctors, they can't make the correct decision. We shouldn't forget that insurance companies limit possibilities of patients, doctors and medical cares. They limit the choice of pharmaceutical medicines, the medical equipment. It prevents freedom of choice of patients and abilities of workers of health care to provide the best service.

  1. Monitoring pharmaceutical medicines in the market.
    There are no system approaches to prevention of production and distribution of counterfeit pharmaceutics now. It has serious consequences for life and human health. There is no accurate way of monitoring of all process from production of pharmaceutical medicines before distribution through pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical wholesalers who by the way bear responsibility for the biggest share
  2. Operable goods and services
    Now pricing in the medical and pharmaceutical market isn't regulated. It leads to the fact that patients buy the overestimated products. It happens because of big group of people of middle age who act in the conditions of market economy and the final price of a product. Users of platforms will receive discounts in the medical centers for those services which are necessary to them.

Roguish doctors and the medical centers illegally raising insurance companies
The deceived practice for roguish doctors and the medical centers is falsification of insured events for receiving insurance payments. It isn't always easy to trace and prevent such incidents and it causes significant damage to insurance companies and reduces quality of the services provided to clients therefore insurance companies suffer financial and reputation damage.
The ATLANTICO network is founded on blockchain technology which creates the transparent and easily checked system for each user of the platform. To prove transparency of system, we will provide to users access to tool kit for the block circuit book. Users will be able to book audit of the records preventing the possible conflicts.

The platform is intended for patients, medical institutions, the medical centers, insurance companies, pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical producers. Our purpose to use hi-tech to bring interaction between clients and suppliers of goods and services in pharmaceutical industry to new level

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