advantages of Vidy ico

I already wrote about this ico and I want to focus attention on advantages once again. It is advertizing network on a blockchain - it is the main thing

As everything we know the Internet it is developed rather highly and has a huge number of users from an every spot on the globe. And each user becomes the tool for viewing of advertizing and it is business too and earn money for us. Having glanced in the mute it is possible to learn exact figures of this billion money turnover and it is also worth not to forgetting that advertizing not the most pleasant procedure and brings discomfort. But advertizing is one of earnings of creators of this or that website what except money can motivate to create more best product? From this the fact that without advertizing it is difficult to present the Internet follows but the system of advertizing can be made is more practical and it is more convenient - to modernize. Right now we approach the VIDY platform closer and what he? he intends to change relatively the world of advertizing this platform a fresh drink for the world of advertizing.
What is VIDY?
It is the latest project which is connected with work of advertizing, videos, it some kind of increases advertizing level in network. Using the VIDY platform your content, advance in network result it will be many times better and more effective and also to carry out high-precision search relevant to inquiry of materials. The fact that I have cited as an example becomes possible only thanks to a new, special layer which is behind the text of any page in network

What problems are solved by the project?

At the moment most the exchanges and advertisers state that the place for placement of video content catastrophically isn't enough. Plus to everything the text and pictures don't interest users any more therefore advertisers think out new ways for drawing attention all the time. For example large corporations spread promo-rollers in network. Along with it demand for advertizing increases. It is the first problem with which the Vidy project – increase in the place for advertizing at the expense of the hidden layer will be able to cope.

The second problem is fraud. In recent years the percent of illegal actions has increased almost twice that shows mistrust between two parties. Advertisers lose the enormous sums of money because of the fact that displays simply weren't or tags in commercials have been replaced with low-frequency. According to analysts of Google over time situation only to worsen. No, no guarantee to exist deceived for this reason developers have created the Vidy platform.

Because of the above described problems users don't accept advertizing and any rollers or pictures cause a negative. A great number of marketing specialists try to introduce every day something new to find clients and to make so that advertizing caused positive emotions. Of course on the Internet there is a set of ways of effective use of advertizing that information was useful to each user and also made a start from preferences of the person. But all methods and tools and efforts of people are senseless because of fraud with the placed advertizing content.

Because of a blockchain technology of Vidy will allow online Wednesday to be the most transparent a consequence of it there will be a lack of fraud.

Embedding of video in the text can seem rather small break and neither the machine learning, nor technology a blockchain are unprecedented in advertizing. Taken together and realized at such high level as Vidy they can be the real break. Redefining online advertizing and changing streams of income of Vidy can change online economy.

The system allows to order very easily any goods which will be advertized in video.
You can add one click to yourself already the order and this order will be executed. Actually is much online stores, just the websites which offer sale of various goods. You do an advance payment or full payment and the owner doesn't send you goods or sends but not such as you wanted. Thanks to the basic built-in technology of a blockchain you will be able to be sure for hundred percent that you precisely receive the ordered goods matching the description. All translations and payments will be reliably protected. Additional plus will be the fact that the seller in return will also be confident that he will receive money for the goods!

One more advantage of system is that you will be to earn reward for each watched video. In this case not advertizing agencies will gain income for the fact that they have spent time and have looked namely that participant who has watched the video. It is very favorable to participants and it is attractive.

And in conclusion I want to tell

Whether it will work well? It will depend in many respects on execution. Technical documentation and market researches of Vidy certainly impress but in practice such experimental model can face any quantity of unexpected problems. May they be sure that video won't carry their new style finally on Internet users just as the current pop-up windows? However advantage of neural network is that it will adapt and improve eventually. If to give him chance and some influential interested parties are probably ready to make it that Vidy and its model can force out finally that which exists now.


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