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Intro is an innovative project that builders will use. The ecosystem of the project will consist of investors and builders, buyers and banks. The solution from Intro will provide an advanced tool for market analysis, both for professionals and for buyers. Blockchain maintains a register of contracts of investors and developers, as well as an array of objects under construction. In turn, these data are obtained from official sources.

The project is aimed at simplifying investments. Now users can choose their own objects from different countries and invest in them using smart contracts.


Above I briefly described the problems that they seek to solve with the help of their products. Below are the problems that they intend to solve, according to their statements:

  • There is no single register of objects under construction;
  • Data on unplanned transactions with real estate in state registers are not structured;
  • Absence of a register of apartments, parking lots and commercial real estate under construction;
  • There are no mechanisms to control the stages of unscheduled construction;
  • Investors do not have access to investment records that affect their interests;
  • Developers often lose money;
    The problems are significant for investors with less resources, because they will not know or will not be able to invest in real estate that they either do not have access to, or do not want to take on unnecessary risk due to lack of information. This information asymmetry, as a rule, leads to the fact that many real estate investors invest only in the one that is near their territory, has transparent documents on income or properties, which has very reputable developers. The issue of information asymmetry interests me the most, because if INTRO can remove this issue for its customers, they will have a significant advantage in the market, as more international investors will be ready to buy real estate.

Another problem relates to the issue, where there is no easy way to manage the amount of investment that is given to the developer. This is a problem, because if the developer ends the funds provided by investors before the completion of construction, either because of negligence or because of incompetence, the investor will need to either provide more funds, which reduces their potential profitability, or even abandon the project altogether. Investors are aware of this risk, which is why some potentially lucrative real estate investment opportunities are too high risk if the developer's reputation is questionable.

The last problem is most simple. Because of capital costs for construction projects, some developers simply can not afford to finish their project without selling real estate or having received an obligation from investors to buy this property before its completion. While it is already possible for builders to sell a building plan before they are completed, the amount of time it takes to find buyers can delay or jeopardize the entire project.


Fortunately, Intro has explained the problem solving. Here they are:

  • Their system includes a dynamic database of real estate objects.
  • Automated linguistic analysis is used to tokenize data. Then the property records are compared with the building plans using artificial intelligence technology. Thus, the system detects and corrects errors caused by a human factor or changes in the construction of a building.
    -The system analyzes the floor plans of the buildings under construction. Also, on the plan are some buildings, when its builder concedes ownership rights to the investor. This allows you to monitor the sold objects.
  • The special INTRO module checks the relationship between the investment volume and the construction phase.
  • Users can access the state portal in view of building plans. This helps investors and buyers find a reliable builder and profitable real estate.- The module for private property auctions allows developers to quickly sell real estate and close gaps in the cash flow without compromising the overall sales plan.
    If these solutions are successfully implemented, they will mainly address issues related to information asymmetry and poor developers.


INTRO has created a start-up that has the potential to significantly address many of the issues associated with buying property outside the development plan at the international level. Because of their very experienced team, existing service offerings and customer base, they have a decent chance of gaining a significant market share globally.



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