Yumerium: one who earns is always in the game


There are a lot of games, and according to that there are too many people who want to play. And yet, it's hard for developers to find a client. Why is this happening? And how will the new Yumerium project help to solve the imperative problems of the game market? We will try to consider this project very briefly, but in depth.

How many problems there are?

I mean, at the current market of games - control over which is concentrated centrally. Probably there are more of them, but I found at least seven. Here they are:

  1. High commissions that must be paid by game developers on the one hand and by the customers on the other;
  2. Low rate of payments. On exchanges, withdrawing money sometimes takes a week;
  3. By making transfers between accounts and international forms, you lose money again on conversion and commissions;
  4. Microtransactions are not supported, as a rule, exchanges set their threshold of the minimum withdrawal amount;
  1. Fraud at these exchange websites is very common;
  2. Transparency is clearly not the term that is applicable to operations and transactions on exchanges;
  3. Finally, the scales are always heeling in some direction….

    1. On Yumerium, the relationship between all market participants is the same, all are equal. As you may probably have guessed, the development of the Yumerium platform is aimed at solving all these problems. That will allow gamers to fully appreciate their content, and the whole society - to perceive adequately the usefulness of games.

    How will it work?

    The sphere of game development annually brings billions of US dollars, but they do not always reach developers, a juicy part of them go to their agents. A platform with decentralized management will mean transparent payments without commissions and should be equally useful for game developers and users. Gamers will be rewarded for the reviews they write about products, as well as for posts in social medias.

    The platform will have its own blockchain system and YUM token system. Tokens can be earned for any activity within the platform. For example, I wrote a review of the game and made a screen-video for YouTube - my money-token was dropped into my account. Tokens can be converted into a fiat or withdrawn on a card. And you can pay with them during the game, buy goods in the online store too. In a word, imagine that you are playing an online economic game. Actually, the number of supported games is limited, but it will grow. And those of them that get the highest rating by votes will have access to the Marketing Funds to use them as an initial capital for the future promotion.


    I will add that for the promotion of the project the creators want to attract a large number of celebrities and bloggers. Their appearance should ensure the popularity of the project and bring new customers.

    Tokens and ICO campaigns

    In fact, Pre Sale have already passed in the period from April, 1st till May, 23th. But the main sale that will tell us more about the prospect and foresight of the project, is still ahead – it starts on September, 26th. Hard Cap is already fixed and it makes 20 millions USD.

    1 YUM = 0.1 USD. There is 50% of all released YUM put on sale. Also, within the ICO, identification will be mandatory. The funds will be distributed as follows:

    • 50% for the development of native games Yumerium
    • 20% for marketing and community development
    • 15% for current operations
    • 10% for developing and improving the system of tokens
    • 5% for legal services

    Below is a screen shot of Yumerium Road Map:


    And it would be unfair to forget to mention the team of this project, in which almost all the Japanese. The creative director is Fukuta Kanji, and the crypto engineer is Haider Abbss. Here is the list of consultants:



    I can not rank myself neither as game developer nor as gamer. However, due to my specialty, I constantly follow the development of such projects and I must say that this direction has a future. People played, people play and people will play. And even more so if it brings income to both developers and users. Therefore, I will at least occasionally glance at the site, the link I cite below also for you. Thank you for attention!

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