The blockchain is everywhere: Unibright project review

 Unibright is a German company with more than 20 years of experience that focuses on business integration. Recently it started implementing a new service – blockchain integration. It allows companies to leverage blockchain into their business, no matter what they specialize on. The framework for blockchain business integration is already developed and will start its fully-fledged work after the main token sale.  

 About Unibright Framework

Previously working with Web 2.0 and its own business integration platform, Unibright has rich experience in leveraging technologies into companies’ infrastructures. Today, this is one of a few projects that focus on blockchain integration. The platform addresses the following problems offering corresponding proprietary solutions:     

  1. Developing blockchain is a costly and not so      widely accessible service. Besides, smart contracts require a complex      approach, and any failure or error can be critical. The Visual Workflow      Designer tool was created to enable business owners to generate blockchain-powered      solutions without knowledge of coding and without hiring IT-team. The      panel is simple in navigation, and business integration can be defined      visually.
  2. Deploying smart contracts to various blockchain      systems and updating them is a challenging task. Contract Lifecycle      Manager can generate platform-based code from visually designed workflows      in a couple of clicks. Smart contracts are created for the most suitable      blockchain automatically.
  3. Most companies have no idea how to obtain data      from a blockchain and use it for the benefit of staff and customers. The      Explorer tool keeps tabs on the business processes across every smart      contract and other related platforms. The application analyzes and      presents all useful data in a simple      dashboard.
  4. Additionally, companies need to integrate      blockchain into their current IT and ERP systems, and the Connector tool      allows connecting the current IT environment with smart contracts and  blockchains with the help of Smart Adapters.


It’s clear that Unibright is created for corporate users: businesses of any size play the role of customers. It’s not known whether third-party software developers will be able to participate in the creation of templates and the platform. Early adopters (clients) will be incentivized with UBT tokens.    

 Technical realization

Unibright works on Ethereum blockchain that allows driving the vast majority of business processes. 

At the moment, Unibright already has 9 templates developed for the most commonly used cases and will introduce more down the road. Let’s mention some templates:  

  • Multi-party      approval. Instead of doing it manually, users can      generate smart contracts and control workflow with Smart Adapters.
  • Batch      information. Manual assessments aren’t required – batch      information is updated and provided automatically via smart contracts      since EPR specific business objects are mapped, and the current processes      are controlled in the real time.
  • Asset      Lifecycle.      Mission-critical information about a company, its history,      products/services should be available to potential customers and partners,      but it must be archived and stored somewhere. Unibright’s template allows      visually designing a workflow without manual coding. Smart contracts are      created automatically and made available for the public being connected with individual IT environments. 
  • Request      for Quotation. Users don’t need to contact suppliers and      compare the obtained quotes. It’s done via Smart contracts as soon as the      list of suppliers is created. It automatically communicates with partners      and even negotiates quotes while monitoring the present processes. The      information is integrated into ERP environment. 

Other templates include shipping control, invoice generation, new hire, milestone-based payment, and insurance claim processing.   

 The team behind Unibright

The core team of Unibright consists of experienced founders (Ingo Sterzinger, Stefan Schmidt, Marten Jung, and Dr. Thomas Schmidt) and other specialists in the spheres of software development, engineering, communications, marketing, etc. To develop the new framework, the team collaborates with well-known advisors: Patrick Lowry (ICONIOLAB), Oleksii Matiiasevych (Ambisafe), Dr. Moritz Leon Gomm and others.  

 ICO Details

Pre-sale wasn’t organized, but the main sale will take place soon and last from April, 10 and to May, 10. The soft cap is $ 2,200,000, the hard cap - $13,542,000. Good news: the project accepts both cryptocurrencies and real currencies, including ETH, BTC, EUR, USD, LTC and DASH. 67% of tokens (150,000,000) will be available for sale, and the cost of one UBT token is $ 0.14. The first buyers are offered up to 10% discount. The minimal personal cap is 100 UBT (about $14), which is more than democratic. However, the maximum personal cap wasn’t specified, which means the number of investors can be limited. The whitelist is also available.   

   Token distribution

While 67% of tokens will be sold, the rest of them will be distributed the following way:     

  • Legal expenses – 6%.
  • Team (tokens will be locked up for a year) – 6%.
  • Seed investors – 9%.
  • Liquidity reserve – 12%.

The funds raised will the spent on platform development (50%), the creation of templates (20%), marketing and PR (15%), customers and partnership (15%).    

  Bottom line

Being one of the pioneers in the sphere of integration of blockchain into business (if we consider out-of-the-box platforms), Unibright has the potential to conquer the market justifying the investments made. Since the company behind the Unibright project is well-established and has been around for 20 years, it must be trustworthy. Besides, basic templates and the platforms are ready for use. Taking into account the fact that the minimal personal cap is low enough and UBT is relatively cheap, there are all chances to benefit from investments in the long run.    

For more info, refer to:

   Website * Whitepaper * Telegram * [ANN]Bitcointalk * [Bounty]Bitcointalk * Profile   

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