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Then today's project should be interesting for you, my friend! I am acquainting you with Talao, an independent platform operated with it’s own token system, whereby there are already more than 5 million users registered.

A perspective stairway to heaven

I myself earn a living by freelancing, it makes 60% of my earnings. The rest - a few hours of work in a week, a blackout in front of the society (office job is just not my cup of tea!).

Actually, freelancing today is a giant market that grows like a fireball and will continue to grow, because a big explosion is not planned so soon. It is more convenient for companies to hire freelancers for temporary, specific tasks. And freelancers conveniently choose their niche, specializing in it and earning good money.

Why then is Talao better than freelancer marketplaces?

Because they are insolent, and it's true! The bottom line is: on centralized type of platforms the freelancer loses up to 20% of his earnings on commissions and withdrawing money. The employer also has to pay subs for using the marketplace. In addition, the centralization of power gives the main role to the platform, and all the disputes would be solved by its administrators in a very subjective way. And this problem will also deal the Talao!


Pros that will bring us the Talao blockchain

  1. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) means the absence of intermediaries and 0% commission for both sides;
  2. The market of services worth $ 50 billion will be launched immediately;
  3. There is no binding to the national currency and money-consuming conversions: settlements on the exchange will be made in the crypto currency with the possibility of exchange into fiat;
  4. Confidential and transparent relations between all participants, where each other blatantly has equal rights.

Talao means "talented people"

If everything is right, you've got to give these guys props! Because already in the near future the existence of such projects as Talao, will shake the established system of freelancer marketplaces and make distance jobs even more profitable for both sides. How will be assessed the skills of specialists? Using an internal tool – the Vault reputation. A talent rating will also exists so the price of the services on the market will depend on it also.

To be different, the guys called RoadMap in another way - Time Line:


The Talao Team

Basically consists of Frenchmen or people who live in France, where the project comes from. So far we can only get acquainted with the managers, till next year the office staff will also appear being distributed to other cities.

The general director and co-founder of Talao is Nicolas Müller. He plans to expand the company, creating offices in London, New York and Singapore. Nicolas founded eMindHub in 2015, and his colleague Thierry Thevenet founded the consulting agency Fi System. I do not know if they have enough experience in the field of blockchain technologies, just in case, the team was filled out with at least one specialist in this area – and this is Maxim Hagenbourger.



Information for investors

Token Type: ERC 20

Marker: TALAO

Pre-Sale was run from May, 20th till May, 27th of this year

Minimal Investment 100 ETH


Sale campaign begins on June 4, 2018 and will last until July 1, 2018. During this time, 67% of tokens will be sold for a total price of 100 million. Only US residents can not participate in the auction.

Soft Cap USD 5 millions

Hard Cap: USD 20 millions

Price of Token: 1000 TALAO = 1 ETH


My conclusions

I do not - actually I can not be personally acquainted with the team of this project. But Talao looks well planned, it’s website is filled with info graphics. Even the Charter of the campaign has been published, in a word, everything is done to keep the investors calm. The project will be useful to most companies, since it attracts competent specialists directly, bypassing intermediaries. A very short Pre-Sale campaign and the fact that the minimum investment was 100 ETH, says blatantly about the strengths and the great future of the project.

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