Shivom. The World’s Greatest Genome Repository

The company of Shivom has created the world’s largest genomic and public health data hub that integrates the innovative blockchain workflow, genomic DNA succession, opportunities of artificial intelligence, and top-of-the-line encryption. This unique project is aimed at the improvement of modern healthcare industry. In accordance with the developers’ plan, Shivom will become the Planet's most influential genomic data hub, where all users will get the opportunity to store their genomic information, manage the access to it, and receive remuneration for sharing it. 

Project Objectives 

The developers of the software are focused on the following challenges:  

  • Enhancement of genomics development

The unique code contained in the genes of every person on our Planet stores the secrets of people’s appearance, mental capacities, health, and, what is more, their individual predispositions to different illnesses. 

  • Improvement of global health

It’s very important to make “genomical” challenges, studies, and achievements easily accessible throughout the world, including health professionals, scientists, and data donors. This will let people find cures for multiple diseases. 

  • Development of genome-based precision medicine

The company is going to alter the dynamics of the world’s healthcare market on the basis of the blockchain technology, genome sequencing, electronic brains, and other high-intelligent tools aimed at bringing medical genomics into the whole new era.   

Shivom’s Roadmap

The project's conceptualization phase was started at the beginning of 2017. In the middle of the year, the developers raised a seed round and started the roadshow. The first quarter of 2018 was devoted to making partnership with state of AP.    

In the very near future, the team is planning to conduct the distribution of Omix Tokens, make partnership with the largest cancer hospital in AP, launch the Beta version of the platform, and establish the sequencing processes and protocols. By the end of 2018, the ecosystem of Shivom will get its protocols for multiple encryption, new SNP panels for rare and complex illnesses, and an open Web marketplace.  

By the beginning of 2019, the developers will finish the worldwide rollout of the platform and Multi-omics integration. The ecosystem will get its first genomics lab, a scientific research division, and the Shivom Al platform. Today, you can join the project via registering on the website amd taking part in the forthcoming ICO.

     First Steps to Personalized Healthcare with Shivom

The project of Shivom is aimed, first of all, at the following groups of users:  

  • people with different diseases and genome data donors – the ones who will offer their genome for further sequencing, analysis, and storage;
  • pharmaceutical professionals, research centers, insurance companies, and other organizations that will provide various services for genomic information analysis and personalized medicine.  

  How to Join the Ecosystem of Shivom

In order to become a genome data donor for this unique platform, you should register on its website, receive a kit in the mail and collect your saliva. The specialists of Shivom will analyze it and store the information they’ve got from it in the project’s secure databank. Hereupon, you will receive your personal health insights based on your genetic data and learn about your ancestry. Moreover, you’ll be able to donate your genome for research, for free or against consideration. 

Being a healthcare professional, a pharmacist or a scientific officer, you can also join the project of Shivom as the one who can help its specialists with the genome analysis and sequencing. Later, you’ll also get the opportunity to offer your individual services to the website users in the spheres of medical care, disease diagnostics and prevention.    

Blockchain as the Basis of the System

The ecosystem of Shivom is founded on the blockchain workflow. This technology guarantees the protection of the users’ genomic data, which always remain their private property. At the same time, they can sell this information to scientists or healthcare professionals, so that they could use it in their research work. This is the way specialists will develop new drugs, diagnose serious diseases, and find the ways of their prevention.  

The blockchain technology provides an optimal framework for permission-based smart contracts that open access to the users’ genomic information. When selling or delivering their personal data to third parties, donors will remain secure and anonymized. Besides, every user can keep some secret information hidden from stakeholders and share only the part of their genomic data.    


The team behind Shivom has been created by Dr. Axel Schumacher. He has over 20 years of experience in the spheres of genomics, developmental mechanics, biomarker discovery, macrobiosis, etc. Dr. Axel Schumacher has written the standard compendium for the healthcare industry and translated a number of scientific discoveries into practical implementations.   

 Other specialists developing the ecosystem of Shivom are Gourish Singla (Founding Member and Chief Operations Officer), Sally Eaves (Chief Marketing Officer), Henry Ines (Chief Innovation Architect), Dr. Natalie Pankova (Senior Research Associate), and others. The project is supported by David Drake (founder of LDJ Capital, GP and LP investor), Ian Scarffe (serial entrepreneur, investor, businessman), and Elie Galam (mathematician, alternative investments expert, founder of Panorama Partners).    

Shivom. Its Tokens and ICO

The world's greatest blockchain-founded digital genome repository has its own coins, known as OmiX tokens. They are designed as the key component for genome data trading, purchasing, incentivizing, and so on. OmiX tokens fuel the ecosystem of Shivom and let its managers govern all processes, changes, and improvements. This currency complies with ERC20 standard. Created as the basis for “genesis” transactions, it cannot be mined. The total supply of OmiX tokens will always stay the same; it’s equal to 3.3 billion coins.  

Token Sale

The pre-sale is scheduled at April 16th to April 27th, 2018. During this period, you can purchase the system’s currency with a 3% bonus. The price of 1 OmiX token is $0.0953 USD or 0.00014 ETH. At the pre-sale, the company is going to realize $25,000,000. Its total fundraising goal is as much as $35,000,000. All in all, the team behind Shivom will sell 33% of its overall token supply.   

There is a limitation for OmiX token purchase foreseen by the platform’s developers: their token sale will be unavailable in the USA. As for other countries, they can buy Shivom’s cryptocurrency via its website. The token issue will start in 14 days after the public sale is over. In order to buy the coins, one can use Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Neo, Ripple, Fiat, and so on.   

 The funds raised by the developers will be distributed as follows:  

  • 20% of the proceeds will go to the platform development;
  • 25% − to laboratories and equipment;
  • 21% − to marketing and new partnerships;
  • 11% − to operations and business development;
  • 10% − to noncommercial research and development platform;
  • 6% − to data storage;
  • 5% − to regulatory compliance;
  • 2% − to the first sequencing project in Indian hospitals.  


Shivom addresses a very serious problem of modern medicine. Today, genome incentivizing is largely in the hands of monopolies. Only a few companies can work in this sector, despite the fact that genome studies can become a big break to the development of new drugs for serious diseases, diagnosis of genetic disorders, and a number of other important innovations.   

With Shivom, promising pharmaceutical companies will get the opportunity to refine drug development and patients will get personalized and accurate health and lifestyle information. This open and dynamic ecosystem will help the community to identify and remove possible health bottlenecks before they become serious. 

The only nuance is that the project is at its initial stage, and its success depends to a great extent on the developers’ opportunities, as well as a number of outer factors.    

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