Orvium decentralized platform: the engine of science

In today's review I present you the blockchain, which will inspire young scientists to new achievements. Some of them no longer need to look for grants. After all, a decentralized platform will help find funds for research.

Glory that brings money

Orvium is an open source platform where will be published scientific works and data related to them. Literally it looks like this: the author posts his or her work, and everyone who is interested in such studies gets access to it. At the same time, copyright is protected, which excludes plagiarism of valuable ideas. And, of course, the authors will receive a reward for their work: the more useful the study for the world is, the more payment incomes.


Instant publication of researches

Whoever, like the author of this review, tried to publish a scientific article in a journal or a collection of essays, he knows first-hand about the problem of bureaucracy. There is no transparency all the way, too many people pry into your business. While you advance your work, it will lose relevance, and you will lose the motivation. With Orvium, such a problem will no longer be! The work of young scientists will be available to the entire community immediately after publication. You can fix copyrights and get a license right away when posting. Note, the authorship belongs to you and not the publishing house, where you would post the article in other case.

Advantages of Orvium

The purpose of the platform is to benefit science, not individual traders. Of course, the author of scientific work will also receive his cryptocoins in the form of tokens. Thanks to decentralization, Orvium can be called one of the first scientific platforms in the world that are beyond the control of any sponsors and employers – there is just pure knowledge.

The Orvium system is only at the development stage, and in the process of Token Sale will be collected funds for its implementation. What will be the features of this blockchain:

  1. Confirmation of transactions at any stage of the life cycle of a scientific project with the help of clear smart contracts;
  2. Ensure the protection of copyright or challenge of uniqueness;
  3. A large archive of scientific papers which is available 24/7 from any country;
  4. High speed of information exchange, which will lead to reduction of time costs for publication.


Together with the authors of Orvium, I hope that this idea will realize itself, and scientists from all over the world will be able to exchange research results, complementing each other's work. Here you can also vote for the best model or choose a convenient way to obtain licenses. Finally, the bonus and income distribution will pass transparently, without "money laundering" from the part of institutions.


What would be a hoot in the technical plan?

There must be some wow-technologies that distinguish it from other blockchains! And they are followings.

Decentralized Journals

Here the authors will publish publications, as it were, operating on the basis of smart contracts. From their side the holders of the tokens of a particular magazine will be able to receive rewards.

Zero-delay Publication

Even on stock exchanges, before the work is placed, it should be moderated and checked. Zero-delay tool promises an instant publication with the possibility of fixing copyriуght.

Big-Data Analytics

Large data are usually referred to a huge information arrays with a complex heterogeneous and / or uncertain structure. Large data previously did not represent a great value, as their processing and analysis were too sophisticated and have required substantial processing power, long time and financial costs. Everything changed when the Big Data Analytics technology appeared, now it can lead to new scientific discoveries.

Open Source Code

Transparent and continuous review of publications by colleagues and reviewers, for which they also receive the reward.

The Orvium will also implement its own cloud data storage and an open API for making suggestions for improving the platform's performance. At the same time, each party's labor and operational expenses will be financed by generated revenues within the system.

Launching ICO

The basic token ORV inside the system is based on th ERC-20 standard. During the ICO, you can buy tokens not only for Etherium, but also for world currencies such as EUR, USD, CHF and others. Exchange rate will be 1 token = 0.1 USD. Pre Sale will bring also 10% -bonus. There are in total 379 millions ORV on sale. Hard Cap is pretty high and it makes $ 20,000,000.


Distribution of ORV tokens

• 60% - Token Sale

• 20% - Orvium OÜ

• 10% - the Team

• 10% - Consultants and partners

Pre-Allocation Round will last for June-July of this year and then comes a Public Round.


A well-known problem of young scientists around the world is the need for publications. Sometimes they are forced to make publications to the detriment of their project, such are the rules. And this is in many countries. With a project like Orvium, these problems can go away! The idea is cool. Now the main thing is to implement a really suitable platform for all that is announced by the developers.

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