Mobile Bridge Momentum Platform and Token

Nowadays it’s really important to win customers’ hearts, to attract larger and more qualified target audience. In essence consumers are happy to give attention, share information, stay loyal, but only if they see valuable and immediate reward for their time and efforts. If they don’t see this value either through an improved user experience or a tangible financial reward, they will simply not engage and develop a real relationship.   

  What is this and what problems will it solve? 

Momentum is a platform which allows companies to recompense their customers for their (client’s) support. For example, customers can be rewarded for purchasing some products, but that’s not all. Also customers can get bonuses for giving a review of the product they used. It’s advantageous not only for buyers, but also for businesses. 

This information about people’s likes and dislikes is valuable for companies, because it gives them an opportunity to improve their offerings. Before customers used to purchase crypto-currency, but now with the help of this platform people are able to earn crypto-tokens investing their feedback to promote their favorite companies.   

The team of Mobile Bridge Momentum want to solve real problems of earned points. Most people don’t even use it after earning, because points don’t have real value. But if there is an opportunity to put them to good use, in can make customers active followers of some brands. Collected points will can be exchanged into such called Momentum Tokens (MT), and tokens earned this way don’t stay just unused “points”, because they can be easily exchanged into real-world money or other tokens or, for example, Bitcoin, or other crypto-currency. It is a real advantage of Monumentum.  

The native token of Momentum platform is Mobile Bridge (MB). MB Monument is an automation marketing-based platform that seems to be really customer-friendly. The company itself calls this idea “a revolution for both consumers and marketers” because it empowers companies to reward their best supporters with tokens.  

The concept of the MT is to give an opportunity to companies and their clients mutually drive and perceive the value they get from each other. Now the client matters most, because customers are the most potent resource for every company. As all performed actions are logged and every element of it is being tracked and allocated to each action, companies will soon make it clear which actions are valuable and which ones are not.   

For the first time, companies can assign real ROI to a crucial part of their marketing budget and as a result are likely to focus more of their budgets to reward their supporters. 

The Initial coin offering (ICO) is announced to start from April 26, 2018. It is planned to last for the whole month, but can be closed earlier because of reaching the Hard Cap. 500,000,000 tokens out of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be out on sale. There is the bonus scheme, which can be useful for investors. They can get bonus tokens for the thirst three weeks of ICO, and those tokens are going to be vested for a period of 12 months.   

  Bonus scheme:

  • Between 5% to 15% bonus on the 1st week.
  • Between 3% to 10% bonus on the 2nd.
  • No more than 5% bonus on the 3rd.
  • There will be no bonus on the 4th.  

The Hard Cap is € 42.000.000, and reaching it will allow to accelerate our time to market and global growth. Any tokens left at the end of the sale period will be destroyed. On its turn the Soft Cap is € 2.500.000. Token price is €0,10.   

 Token Distribution on the 15.03.2018: 

  • Tokens are already sold – 50%;
  • MB strategic capital reserve – 33%;
  • Long-term team retention – 5%;
  • Third party launch costs – 5%;
  • Tokens which belong to MB Team – 3%;
  • Bug Bounty pr-m – 2%;
  • Advisors – 2%.  

 As for me, such a big difference between the Hard Cap and the Soft Cap are not explained properly. There is a big question, what will be done with all invested money if the target won’t be reached: will they return money or not. It is said, that reaching the Soft Cap «will enable us to start our blockchain journey» but there is nothing concrete about this thing and how it will work with no enough money:  

  • Development of the Platform (Establish MVP for each platform component, operational system evolution and infrastructure and so on);
  • Marketing and Sales (proposition development, evangelizing token-based rewards, also establishing global offices which will give an opportunity to grow fast);
  • Partner network expansion (partner specific development, partner enablement and success, partner marketing);
  • Customer delivery and success;
  • Operating capital.  

There is no ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) yet, so there is no opportunity to check this concept. The company is going to establish the MVP in 2018 for each platform component for launch and establish longer term roadmap for each workstream. But the time can be changed anytime because of the outcome of the token sale event.      

 Members of the Monumentum platform team had experience in businesses connected with cryptocurrency, and four of their team were part of the executive team at hybris Software, which was successfully sold for $1.5 billion to SAP company.  

Eyal Oster and Lior Lavon are both MB’s co-founders. Oster has been in leaderships roles in large companies and start-ups is more when 20 years. For example, aiPixel because of which he won the ‘Partner of the Year’ award for the International Space. During last years, Lavon has spent most of his time working in a variety of different mobile environments not only in large corporates, but also in start-ups. 

From a technology perspective, MB will enable companies to adapt to the changing realities of the modern market; the dominate engagement platform is mobile, augmented reality will soon be woven into user experience and technology will become embedded in physical products with the Internet of Things and automation supporting the consumer’s buying activities.   

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