Meet Quilimanjaro and welcome to the new Quantum Age


All those described by science fiction writers in the middle of the 20th century, quantum technologies ceased to be fiction. Today they are embodied in many branches of human activity. And above all, in everyday life. But since not each of us can afford expensive equipment or a contract with a major developer, the emergence of a new blockchain Qilimanjaro has become a great bridge between two categories - the consumer and supplier of quantum technologies.


What will Qilimanjaro work on?

The main goal of the ICO is to raise funds for the formation of an accessible base of a computer with a quantum potential. The functions of these computers will be expanded, with their help you will probably can:

  • Conduct simultaneous translations;
  • Compute large data sets;
  • Secure your computer or information store from being hacked;

      • Work with the optimized Qibo language for quantum calculations;
      • Form different communities of users within the same ecosystem.
      Of course, access to the ecosystem will have both ordinary citizens and large companies. Guaranteed safe chains of settlements will be implemented, and all this will have an affordable price.

    How would this be possible?

    The Qilimanjaro platform will be created based on developments in the field of photon and quantum physics control. Photons can be used to transmit information as if it were a server. Access to it within the project will be carried out through Quantum Computer, a key component of the system. The second important component is a consulting center: I find it useful, because not all of us have an idea of ​​the work of photons and generally quanta.


    The next component of the implementation will be a special language, already received a beta version and used on all quantum platforms. Finally, Qilimanjaro will have a development team that promotes quantum algorithms along the ladder of useful inventions of humanity. Developers eloquently promise to solve any problem with the help of a quantum solution. Well, we'll see.

    Tokens and ICO

    The platform uses its own tokens to access the functionality. Their emission is 300 million, of which almost half, or more precisely 135 million, are put up for sale under the ICO. Thus, QBIT Tokens will be sold at a price of 1 QBIT = 0.185 $. The minimum limit for fund-raising will be $ 9.9 million, and a maximum is $ 25 million. Here is how is the total collected amount planned to be distributed:

    • 45% of them are on sale;
    • 18% will make the platform reserve;
    • 15% will go to the team and advisers who politely offer their services;
    • 10% will be allocated for the payment of Qilimanjaro language developers;
    • The balance - 7%, will go to the costs of ICO and Bounty program, and another
    • 5% for contracts with companies.

    To not repeat the enumeration, I give further the scheme of distribution of funds:


    A drop to say about future plans

    The road map of the project is quite wide. Between the plans of development after the sale of tokens there is the conclusion of transactions with strategic partners, until Fall 2018. Approximately at the same time, the development of the platform interface will begin, and the beta version will be released by 2019. Already in early 2019, a series of experiments will be conducted with the manipulation of quantum information on special computers. The 3rd and 4th quarters of 2019 will be key in launching the world's first cloud-based quantum network and solving other problems.


    In my opinion, this is a very interesting project, unlike other blockchains. It's difficult for me to objectively evaluate it, because I do not understand a lot in quantum technologies. But the information on official sources allows you to get acquainted with the essence of the project in detail. And if Qilimanjaro manages to overcome the problems of obsolescence of knowledge and expand the use of quantum technologies in our lives, next year we will live in another era. So the QBIT token has every chance of growth!

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