How Yumerium Changes the Rules of the Game

Yumerium is a new blockchain-based gaming platform that was created to introduce smart contracts and cryptocurrency into online games and make the process of payment transparent and quick. It gives users the opportunity to earn tokens on playing instead of paying for their experience. The platform is in the beta-testing stage: some games and applications are already being used by players, and the official launching will happen in June 2018.

What makes Yumerium special?

The modern online gaming platforms offer hundreds of applications, but there’s a myriad of issues that are still not solved:

  1. A high transaction fee and transfer fees.
  2. The absence of multi-party payment option.
  3. Lack of micro-transaction support.
  4. No data transparency.
  5. Delay in payments.
  6. Risk of fraud.

Because of these problems, the participation in games is restricted, and some players and software developers are discouraged by fees and time for payment processing. The current way of development is a lose-lose scenario, but Yumerium solves the problems with the help of a specific approach that includes the use of blockchain. Thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, the payments will be instant and transparent, and game creators will have the possibility to attract new players without huge expenses.


Yumerium project is created for online players and software developers. The game creators can join Yumerium to promote and test their projects: the users will be able to earn YUM tokens by playing, reviewing and sharing the games. Additionally, companies will be able to attract and engage audience with the help of marketing tools, such as airdrop and bounty campaigns or referral bonuses. Such model of the seeding fund will bring benefits to all stakeholders in the sphere.

Technical realization

Being based on Ethereum blockchain, Yumerium acts as a gaming community where players can share experiences (leave reviews and recommendations), which will serve as a marketing tool for game developers. The software creators can specify a reward for players for leaving reviews, watching promo materials, sharing links on social media, playing, etc. YUM is a versatile token that will be used for incentives and rewards and taken from the “Marketing Fund” pool. Together with supporting third-party developers, Yumerium offers a range of applications created by Subdream Labs studio: Dreams Pet, Kingdom Watcher, Hell Dimension, and others.

A key advantage of Yumerium is instant payments enabled by smart contracts: there’s no need for middlemen, the transactions are transparent and secure. Aside from YUM tokens, BTC or ETH payments will be introduced later on.

About Yumerium Team

The team behind Yumerium consists of the developers from Subdream Studios and VR Plus – companies with a rich experience in gaming industry. The specialists from Asia and other regions have united powers to create a convenient and multifunctional platform that will help game creators promote their products in the most efficient way – with real players’ feedbacks. Yumerium is being elaborated by experts in the sphere of video games, online gambling, the blockchain, IT, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.

ICO Details

Although the public sale hasn’t started yet, Subdream Labs has already raised $2.3 mln from marquee investors. The private sale was organized in March 2018. The public presale starts on May 23rd, 2018. The hard cap is 316,906,850 YUM tokens. 50% of emitted tokens will be available for sale. One YUM token equals $0.1, which is a pretty democratic cost. Payments will be accepted in Bitcoin and Ethereum only. The discount rate starts at 30%, and will gradually diminish. The tokens will be allocated after the 30 days of the sale end.

There is no information concerning minimal or maximum personal cap. Besides, the crowdfunding soft cap isn’t stated, as well. Neither website, not whitepaper mention geographical restrictions for contributors. Therefore, it’s hard to make any predictions concerning investment before the start of the public sale.

Token allocation

The emitted tokens will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 50% - sale;
  • 20% - network seeding;
  • 20% - team & advisors;
  • 10% -reserved.

Half of the funds raised will be spent on native game development, the rest goes for community development, upgrading of the token system, operations, and legal questions.

Bottom line

Judging by the fact that Yumerium has a very solid and reliable background, and Subdream Studios has already gathered nearly $2.5 mln of investments, the project has a huge potential. Investments are expected to pay off, but there isn’t enough information concerning the limits of personal contributions. Most probably, it will be published in the near future.

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