Global Reit is the engine of real investment trust.

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Global Reit is the world’s first blockchain-oriented chattels real investment trust. The project is aimed at the creation of the global real estate portfolio offering its users a variety of additional advantages. For instance, all REIT Tokens holders will get monthly dividends from the company.

Who Can Be Interested in the Project

Cryptocurrency investors. They are looking for consistent monthly dividends from their deposits. Having invested in certain items of immovable property via Global Reit, they get an excellent opportunity to obtain quite a pretty and stable profit.

Real estate investors. These businessmen get a wider choice of property units and more profitable conditions of investment.

Real property owners. Those who have their own real estate units get a chance to exit into the global liquid crypto market. With this innovative ecosystem, they gain an offing to expand their sphere of influence and thus elevate their business to a totally new level.

REIT Tokens holders. They get a chance to make profit via the blockchain framework that has already been established.

How It Works

Global Reit offers investors free access to real estate markets worldwide. At that, they don’t need to acquire the whole property at once and transfer the management to the managing funds. The company is planning to purchase assets beginning with the United Arab Emirates and entering step by step items of immovable property in all parts of the world. According to the project’s developers, the initial Asset under Management will have a net value of $75 million. As for the total cost of the portfolio, it’ll reach as much as $10 billion in 5 years’ time.


The ecosystem of Reit will offer its customers Dual Utility Tokens:

  • GREMs, or Global REIT Fund Manager coins with the changing dividends that will start at 2% and then reduce to 1.25% of the Net Asset Value.
  • GRETs, or Global REIT Asset coins with a stable dividend of 8% of the investment.

This means that every subscriber of the platform will get certain part the GREM returns and certain part of GRET returns along with the common profit from the both types of cryptocurrency. Those who have at least 5,000 REIT Tokens, obtain free stays for the whole year. They are also offered reward points in compliance with the Loyalty Programs, which can be used in order to pay for certain services up to a given limit. Investors with more than 100,000 Tokens get an opportunity to sell their property objects to the management of Global REIT and enter in such a way the liquid crypto market.


Token Sale

The company behind the project is planning to issue 79,285,741 GREM Tokens and 16,650,000 GRET Tokens. Pre-ICO is scheduled at May 1st to May 31st 2018. During this month, the developers are going to sell 57,857, 143 GREM coins and 12,150,000 GRET coins. 1 GREM Token costs $0.070 and 1 GRET Token costs $1.000. In order to purchase this cryptocurrency, one can use Bitcoins. Pre-ICO buyers will get a 5-20% bonus.


The period of Public ICO is from June 1st to June 30th 2018. Both the currencies will be sold at the same time. The company will realize 21,428,571 GREM Tokens and 4,500,000 GRET Tokens. The prices for both the coins will remain the same as in the period of pre-ICO. There are no bonuses foreseen for the public sale.


The funds raised during the ICO and pre-ICO will be distributed in the following way:

  • 35% will go to sales and marketing operations;
  • 30% will be a fixed compensation for the developers;
  • 15% will go to administrative expenses;
  • 10% will go to regulatory costs;
  • 5% will go to audit costs and the same amount to other expenses.


The Founder of Global Reit is Ali Tumbi, an experienced entrepreneur with an excellent ability to find the most elegant solutions for even difficult situations. Paul Christodoulou, the company’s Chief Operations Officer, is an expert on the real estate market with an impressive experience in Dubai property sales. Vijay D Vyas, the First Indian who has become a resident of China, is the project’s Acquisition Director. Behzad Khan is Global Reit’s Leading Financial Consultant, Muhammad Waseem is the Blockchain Specialist, Babar Ahmed is the Leading Technology Consultant, Nikolay Shkilev is the ICO Specialist, and so on.



The project was started in November 2017. By the beginning of the next year, the company of Global Reit was formed. In February, it got its Blockchain platform and prepared for pre-ICO. The latter is scheduled at May 2018, whereafter, the Tokens public sale will start. At the same time the developers will purchase their first property object in UAE. In July, they’ll conduct their first dividend distribution. The acquisition of the second real estate asset is scheduled at August 2018. Later in the year, the specialists of Global Reit will buy two more property objects in UAE and the UK.


Being the world’s first blockchain-oriented real estate investment system, Global Reit provides its subscribers with a unique ROI mechanism, through which they’ll obtain stable monthly dividends. The platform objective seems to be quite realistic and workable. Many specialists believe that the project’s ICO will be a successful venture with far reaching results and real benefit for the investors.

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