Discovering DataBroker DAO as a space of future

 DataBroker DAO is marketplace for IoT sensor data. You can dump them or buy for different period. This project is aimed to sensor owners, they can transform their received data in the revenue channel. Data application can help you to increase its value.  

Primary application, enrichment or extra services — although all of these cases, data of the Internet of things have a very low utilization, because marker participants are fragmented. Direct interaction on the DataBroker DAO platform of data providers and users will help to form, stimulate a market where IoT data will find a worthy application.  

At space DataBroker DAO will be merged several stakeholders, including proprietress of the sensors, operators, gateways, processors and purchaser of data.    

Sensor owners are market participants who own IoT sensors and make data coming available for divestiture on DataBroker DAO platform.    

Data buyers are market participants who will get data through the platform very easy. The purpose of purchase can be use of raw data, and their processing / enrichment and resale of data with already added value.   

One of the main goals is to create a localized consumer marketplace for people who have little or no experience with cryptocurrencies and will probably not have a deep knowledge of blockchain.     

Team projects Co-Founders and CEO is represented by Mattew van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer. As a marketing and communication professional with almost 20 years experience As a marketing and communication professional with almost 20 years experience As a MarCom Director with almost 20 years accumulation of knowledge is delineated Frank van Geertruyden. Els Meyvaert worked as account manager in assorted financial institutions until she changed back to her first love, communication and now she is project manager in this big group. Cassandre Vandeputte is Solution Analyst. Tom De Block is Tom De Block is the main Blockchain Architect, also a serial entrepreneur with active businessmen from different countries. 

They believe that DataBroker Dao will become an integral part of The IOT data in the future and will need an unprecedented number of stakeholders. These parties, that is, market participants, will need to find opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation, conducting joint businesses together.  

Launch of DataBroker Dao space is planned this year. This ensures use of proven technologies and advantage of performing over other market players.    

Main goal is to be a complement to the Current and future IOS ecosystem, which means that in future, can coexist, complement and integrate with IOTA, Streamr and OceanProtocol.    

Tokens DTX are trademarks of tokens on platform DataBroker DAO. DTX tokens — tokens of standard ER20 with 18 decimals. The token will serve as a means of circulation for purchase and sale of sensor data on the platform.  

In addition, the DTX tokens are the currency on the platform, they are based on the tokens MiniMe (contracts).      

This means that we can easily create token "clones" that completely repeat the history of original token, either to upgrade token (upgrade and improve modular components) or to upgrade token's fork; for example, to manage it more efficiently.     

The aim is to have 1 DTX token cover normal cost of sensor data for one week. This allows us to work with micro-payments quite granularly (up to 18 decimal places) even after a significant increase in prices.  

They determine the initial value of the token based on the market forecasts given in previous section. They expect that at 2024 the platform will pass $2.5 billion for 225 million sensors.       

 During licensee will be recognized by the ETH. Tokens will be released a week after end of licensee.     

Start of pre-sale: March 19, 2018, 16:00 CET. In the course of reselling your customers a bonus of 50% (6000 DTX / 1 ETH), and minimum purchase amount is 10 ETH. The main token sale will start on March 26, 2018 at 16:00 CET.    

 Token circulation will begin one week after completion of the token (April 16, 2018). They undertake to include DTS token in the cryptocurrency registry by the indicated date and perform one or two exchange operations to confirm entry of DTX into the registry.  

Token sale will last for 4 weeks. At this stage the price of token will be 4000 DTX = 1 ETH. A 10% bonus will only be available on the first day.    

Before licensee and in the course of meeting will act affiliate program. When subscribing to DTX tokens through the referral link, partners will receive a bonus of 5% of tokens purchased through the referral link. These tokens are part of the blocked reserve and do not increase or decrease the total number of tokens or limit offered tokens.    

Unsold tokens will be held by the platform. In case of significant changes in the course of ETH (1000 USD/ETH) in anticipation of licensee will be held recalculated according to a set formula.     

Tokens will be put into circulation within a week after completion of t (April 16, 2018).     

They undertake to include DTS token in the cryptocurrency registry by the indicated date and perform one or two exchange operations to confirm the entry of DTX into the registry.    


Although society has learned many things from the different Dao management experiments, we still have a long way to get the main goal. Moreover, many partners in this system are now more inclined to such initiatives.     

Promptness and flexibility play a crucial role in the early stages, so they decided that, since the best practices and developments of this model are still in the process of development, DataBroker DAO will work with use of the traditional structure of the company, until they, with active participation of the community and the industry, identify a management model that is equally acceptable to all parties involved.

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