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What do you mean under “transportation services”? We all use the car for trips, someone flies on an airplane ... But if you see into this sphere, it appears much bigger. It is so large that 1.5 billion people "hang in the air" every year, and there is about 3 billion tons of goods and mail that are transported yearly. DAV Network says, the transport services market can be decentralized. Would not this lead to chaos and stop the transport? No, and here's why.

The term "transportation services" in the aspect of blockchain

Imagine a marketplace, where the sale and purchase of transport services are carried out, which is managed by all participants, and settlements are made in the crypto currency. So approximately it is possible to characterize DAV Network. Its creators have understood the growing problem of transport management in view of the growing number of vehicles and needs also.

Traffic jams are a real scourge of humans! The average driver of a mega polis spends 1.5-2 hours a day, being behind the wheel in traffic jams. If the transport worked rationally, the cars served each other, and the drivers worked well, this would reduce the chaos on the roads.

This is what the DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) Network thinks about. The essence of the project is to create an ecosystem for the management of passenger and freight traffic on the basis of smart contracts. Which also will be easy to work with.

Currently, crypto currency is one of the most active trades. DAV has selected the ERC-20 standard, whereby the very liquid tokens allow it to make transactions between logistics agents. Technically, it looks like this:


The origin of the project and the appearance of its users

Where: Zug, Switzerland

When: the end of 2017

By whom: the presentation of the project in January 2018 was conducted by the CEO and founder Noam Copel

How it looks like

DAV Network allows you to buy and sell transport services from autonomous means. Cross-platform communication protocol allows the use of any ATC. On the platform will interact:

  1. Landlords and owners of vehicles;
  2. Buyers of services;
  3. Service suppliers, which we know as gas stations, car washes, parkings etc.

They will settle in DAV tokens.

The project team


There is NASA astronauts and members of General Motors team. I would like to list them all, but it will be a continuous copy-paste. Because you can get acquainted with the team on the official website (find the link at the end of this posting).

ICO & Pre Sale

Token Sale started on April 30th, until this moment the world of crypto currency was slightly feverish. That did not put a crimp into the project from which made a big leap. Pre Sale is currently live and probably would be hold prior to June, 11th. This is a game for large investors and pools, their bonus will be 55% with a lock of 6 to 9 months. I know there should be clear information at this point, so I attracted my skill in creating tables. Well, what have we got here?

Platform of project Ethereum ERC20
Start of ICO June 11 – June 25 (year 2018)
Pre Sale Date It is already underway.You can write to the project creators by e-mail at relations@dav.network or Telegram (@rlinnewiel)
Hard Cap 38M USD
Investor's Cap ICO – minimum 0.2 ETH
Cost: 1ETH 10,000 DAV Tokens

The bottom line: does the modern transportation market need the DAV?

It seems to be the right one! The disparity of the systems of work of transport companies leads to a large number of challenges. Here's how to fix them using DAV Network:

  • reducing staff costs (because so many people do not need it anymore!);
  • it will make the delivery more affordable;
  • increasing the speed of delivery;

    • reducing the level of environmental pollution (drones do not pollute);

Of course, with the help of drones, you can not deliver a 20-kilogram parcel, and freight trucks are still needed. But the owner of each vehicle can make a rational profit from it in the form of tokens and will know that it is involved in the logistics chain by 100%. Since all 3 elements of the pyramid are interested in trading among themselves, the token will grow. The company's team is convinced that the future of the current DAV Network will depend on the development of Blockchain technology and the reaction of the community.

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