Blokshipping: it’s decentralized shipping

Perhaps nowadays shipping is one of the largest clusters of international transporting system. Speaking about this, I mean shipping and cargo delivery by using containers. For all the long time it takes, this type of transportation seems to be the most convenient and reliable. However, there are plenty of problems. So the emergence of Blockshipping should solve at least some of them – sounds good, right?

Why is it so difficult?

Maritime transport is carried out by various companies, and so far there is no single register. It definitely complicates the tracking and delivery of goods from one port to another. In addition, the competition in this industry is huge, and if a new player enters the market, he would most likely be crushed. That’s the whole point for investors.


And how will Blockshipping’s appearance solve that?

The creators of this platform intend to develop the world's first common register of all freight containers, connecting by that different shipping companies. This will allow them to offer full-cycle freight services. And it will also create healthy competition, whereby newcomers will also get a chance to develop their business. Well and for the consumer there are also pluses: the cost price of delivery of cargoes will decrease. Thus, in one ecosystem will be united:

  • All containers, of which in the world are almost 30 million;

      • All carriers;
      • Different ports;
      • Companies that carrying out logistics;
      • Freight terminals;
      • And, of course, consumers.
      Saying "all", I doubt it - someone will prefer the old-school scheme and will not be connected to the blockchain. But let's see if the platform will develop successfully, they simply will not have another choice.

    Platform’s Tools

    It is supposed to register the location of containers in real time. Such a platform as the GSCP - Global Shared Container Platform, should cope with this task and, if possible, exclude both downtime and movement for nothing. Using the user-friendly interface, you can do, for example, the following things:

    1. Track the route of containers using Greybox online technology;
    2. Reduce costs for all operations in the shipping industry;
    3. Help container owners lease their containers to those who need it, minimizing downtime;
    4. Check the funds and much more.

    Developers also plan to launch Smart Port ( it is a kind of special terminal). It will ensure an effective relationship between large customers, customs representatives and carriers.


    Pros of this project

    As analysts have calculated, if the platform is working, it will probably reduce costs in the shipping up to $ 6 billion per year. Emission of exhaust gases will also decrease, by about 4.6 million tons per year. The most navigable Power, namely Denmark and its marine fund have already shown interest in the project. It was received from them solid investments for the development of the Blockshipping project.

    Tokens and ICO

    There will be used 2 types of token - the main CCC for revenue sharing and an auxiliary CPT for settlements between users. Why were they divided into two categories? It's not that creators want to complicate everything. It’s because different interests come from different sides of investors.

    Thus, it is planned to issue 50 million CCC tokens, of which 70% will go to Main Sale and another 10% to Pre Sale.

    A specific end date has been determined yet.

    At the time I checked the site, 1 CCC token cost $ 0.62.

    Settlements can be made in ETH and BTC, the minimum purchase amount is $ 100. As for the maximum (or hard cap), it is put at around 40 million CCC tokens.

    To buy CCC tokens, users will be able to use the ETH and BTC, as well as fiat tools. And here's how they plan to distribute tokens:


    To save your time on searching, I give here a road map:


    And, as usual, here is the team's portfolio:



    Given how much cargo is delivered daily over the sea, Blockshipping should have a great future. The project is still at the development stage, but the investments are attracted successfully. Let's hope that the team under the leadership of Peter Ludvigsen will manage to make a breakthrough in modern navigation.

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